For anyone who swears an oath to our U.S. Constitution, aligning with and promoting Globalism and Marxism is TREASON.

Globalism and treason are indelibly linked.  You cannot uphold an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and be a globalist.  The political hacks we call leaders will defend one or the other…..they can't legitimately defend both!!!

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Guest: Carl Teichrib – is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians.  Book: Game of Gods

Guest: Mark Sutherland – Movie Producer, Political Analyst and Public Speaker born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mark has been involved in the Television and film industry in various roles in the U.K. since 1992, making drama for the BBC, ITV and CH4. 

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It is very difficult for many of us who love our country to understand how someone in a position of public trust could and would, intentionally with malice and forethought, bow to our enemies and destroy our national heritage.  It is especially troubling when we realize their goal (communism) is “fundamentally transforming” our nation into something diametrically opposed to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

It is equally difficult for many to realize how long this process has been happening and the sheer magnitude of so-called leaders that have been part of this treasonous plot.  Although we focus on the U.S.A., this process has been happening worldwide for even longer, with international bankers and powerful industrialists (the Power Elite) at the tip of the spear, providing the payoffs and bribes that weak willed men and women are willing to take in trade for their honor and the public trust they claim to uphold.

Our national and international leadership is sending humanity down a path that will ultimately lead to a mass genocide of the human race and a virtual enslavement of those who survive this culling of the herd. The politicians tell us how they love us and want to make our lives better, meanwhile they collude with globalist goons, communist dictatorships and United Nations potentates who boldly state that their purpose is to destroy America as a sovereign nation and redistribute America's wealth to the rest of the world. Our “Dear Leaders” send U.S. taxpayer money to the Wuhan Lab in communist China for the specific purpose of weaponizing a disease previously confined to bats and dogs. For what purpose….population reduction? They promote their “sustainable development” programs that will stiffle industrial innovation, private property, millions of productive jobs and human freedom, while costing untold trillions of dollars in redistributed wealth………and of course, it is always for our own good.

Much of our national and international leadership is swimming in the hubristic belief that they are the intellectual equivalent of Gods on earth, capable of deciding the future of humanity, for humanity; even how many people should live or die. The new American Aristocracy (politicians) are willing to do almost anything to stay in power: treason, genocide, bribery, blackmail and murder included. Justice has taken on a whole new meaning.  The political class see justice as “just us” and average Americans are excluded from that club.

When we recognize and accept the fact that most of our cherished national and international institutions are rotting from the top down, we will be much closer to resolving our predicament.  Never ever trust in any individual or institution to save you.  If you do, you will be playing a fools game.  Your salvation will be through prayer and a good old fashioned dose of American individualism.  You and God are the only path to liberty and salvation.  Don't depend on anyone to do your heavy lifting or heavy thinking for you. Americans have become lazy and stupid as a consequence of far too much reliance on government to solve all their problems.  Consequently, we the people no longer hold power over our government.  As Ronald Reagan said; “Either you will control your government, or your government will control you”.

Vaccine mandates, forced lockdowns for small businesses, restrictions for travel, and telling families that they cannot have Granny join them for the holidays, is only the beginning of a long list of planned government controls for every aspect of our lives.  The pandemic should more correctly called a plandemic, especially when you understand how much individual freedom has been lost in the past two years.  Travel back two decades and you realize that 9-11 was a psyop to create an entirely new control grid of cyber technologies laced with greatly expanded national security agencies……………….all meant to control us. Passage of the Patriot Act assured that the shield of constitutional guarantees: privacy, speedy trial by jury, the right to face your accuser and countless other individual rights could be violated at will by big government in the name of national security, and that was under a so-called conservative President.

The past 120 years of world history has reshaped society in ways that few can truly comprehend……..especially with our current public education system.  Although technology has done much to make our lives better, it has also made us much softer and allowed the “Power Elite” and their feckless political hacks to gain almost total control over us both psychologically and physically.  We are now living in Huxley's Brave New World.  The same people that have worked so hard to control humanity, now have the technological tools to replace humanity with robotics and man/machine unions known as transhumanism.  For Christians this level of human manipulation of God's creation is unthinkable.


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