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Open and fair elections have become an impossibility in 21st Century America.  We must return the election process to “We the People”.

The entire American election process is fraught with challenges from top to bottom.

While citizens and State Legislatures try to salvage the existing system, they are missing the more important point that very few elected leaders have any intention of upholding their constitutional oath of office, and that uniparty politics is inherently corrupt and cannot be fixed.

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Guest: Rich Jore, Jordan Conradson and Tina Marie Peters

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The 2020 Presidential Election reached a new low in legitimacy, transparency and credibility to disillusioned American voters, and pointed out just how broken the system really is.  Pretending that small changes will correct a badly flawed system is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as the ship goes down.

CIA software contractor turned whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, exposed the computer programs called HAMMER and SCORECARD, originally developed to surveil foreign adversaries, and to influence the outcomes of their elections.

He uncovered their weaponization against the American people by the Obama Administration.

This software was hi-jacked or transferred to several foreign governments, and is currently in use around the world.  SCORECARD appears to have negatively impacted the elections of several key conservative world leaders including Donald Trump.



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