…tribalism and racism useful tools for globalist plans 

In 2010 President Obama became a signatory of the UN Indigenous Peoples Treaty without the constitutionally required ratification of the U.S. Senate, and began to insert the UN treaty language into Executive Branch and Administrative Agency policies at the cabinet level.  If taken literally, it would result in the end of private property as we know it, and return the vast majority of the developed world to pre-industrial conditions /off-limits wilderness that would be inaccessible to average citizens.

Our Constitution is founded on the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property, with property being the cornerstone that make life and liberty possible.  The Dictator's Club known as the U.N. have little affinity to the concepts of liberty, and every day we see our elected officials selling out the American dream and their oath of office to buy votes and cow-tow to progressive political interests.

Join Dan and his guests to learn how these policies will implement globalist plans for a brave new world where every human action is controlled and how indigenous native cultures are used as pawns to bring those plans to fruition.

Elaine WillmanElaine Devary Willman, MPA is the author of

 Going To Pieces…the dismantling the United States of America, first published in 2005.  The book reports on first person visits and experiences of tribal members and citizens residing on or near seventeen Indian reservations during her extensive road trip across the country from Washington State to New York State. Going to Pieces…continues to be a best-seller, some eleven years later, and is now available in a Second Edition, inclusive of an Index, in book stores and on all major book website.

In July 2015 Ms. Willman moved to the Flathead Indian Reservation to assist western Montana landowners defend against a federal/tribal/state taking of water rights from landowners, transfer of a public hydropower dam to become a private tribal government asset, and loss of all control of water access or rate setting, deeply imperiling the entire food production in this agriculture-dependent region.

In March of 2016, Ms. Willman published a reference manual for community leaders and elected officials, now available in stores and online as well. The reference manual is entitled, Slumbering Thunder…a primer for confronting the spread of federal Indian policy and tribalism overwhelming America.


Alex NewmanAlex Newman is an international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. In addition to serving as president of the small media and information consulting firm Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc, he has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine, a contributor to WND, and more. He has also written for numerous newspapers and magazines such as the Gainesville Sun, Liberty magazine, Crisis magazine, The Diplomat magazine, Swiss News magazine, Sunshine State News, Alachua County Today, and many more. In addition, he has co-authored two books, including a major exposé of the plot to dumb down American children using government schools, published by WND Books, released last year.
Alex has lived in seven countries (US, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Sweden) on four continents and speaks multiple languages fluently and more at varying degrees of proficiency. His work has been cited by governments and major media outlets around the world, and Alex is a frequent guest on radio shows, TV programs, and at conferences. Along with his family, he currently splits his time between various places, including Europe and the United States.

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