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A number of likely well intended, but poorly reasoned and written bills dealing with Indigenous People, U.S. Forest Management, Reservation Water Rights, and Tribal Governments have been funneled through the U.S. Congress and Senate over the past year and are neatly tucked into the massive Bipartisan Energy Bill (S.2012) that has broad support from both houses of Congress. What is the connection between Indigenous People and U. S. Energy Policy? Was this done to hide the true intent of these separate pieces of legislation from the American public to speed passage of some very unconstitutional legislation, or are our elected representatives just completely out of touch with their responsibility to serve the people and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? Are Tribal Governments sovereign nations as many assume, or are we handing State Powers and responsibilities over to an out of control Federal Leviathan that is intent on honoring U.N. Treaties and policies that promote the Marxist/socialist program known as U.N. Agenda 21. Tonight’s program will discuss recently passed legislation that is part of the Energy Bill (S.2012) and why it is important for Americans to understand the loss of liberty and the destruction of personal, state and national sovereignty that will follow passage of this legislation.

Elaine WillmanElaine Devary Willman, MPA is the author of Going To Pieces…the dismantling the United States of America, first published in 2005. The book reports on first person visits and experiences of tribal members and citizens residing on or near seventeen Indian reservations during her extensive road trip across the country from Washington State to New York State. Going to Pieces…continues to be a best-seller, some eleven years later, and is now available in a Second Edition, inclusive of an Index, in book stores and on all major book website.
In July 2015 Ms. Willman moved to the Flathead Indian Reservation to assist western Montana landowners defend against a federal/tribal/state taking of water rights from landowners, transfer of a public hydropower dam to become a private tribal government asset, and loss of all control of water access or rate setting, deeply imperiling the entire food production in this agriculture-dependent region.
In March of 2016, Ms. Willman published a reference manual for community leaders and elected officials, now available in stores and online as well. The reference manual is entitled, Slumbering Thunder…a primer for confronting the spread of federal Indian policy and tribalism overwhelming America.


Lawrence KoganLawrence Kogan of The Kogan Law Group, P.C., NY, NY serving as counsel to Western States Constitutional Rights, LLC possesses more than 25 years of international business and law experience counseling public and private clients on cross-border transactional, planning and policy matters, enabling recognition of the legislative, regulatory, policy, and trade and investment risks and opportunities their activities may engender.
Western States Constitutional Rights, LLC is a Montana-based nonprofit entity the mission of which is to promote the protection of private property rights held by western United States property owners against reckless federal, state and local government laws, regulations and policies. Its members are irrigators, landowners and business owners located on or near the Flathead Irrigation Project situated within the Flathead Indian Reservation, and from other areas in northwestern Montana, but their concerns are widely shared by many citizens throughout the western and rural United States.

Since 2003, he has briefed U.S. industry and various U.S. federal agencies, executive offices and congressional committees concerning how emerging foreign environmental, health and safety, and intellectual property laws, regulations and technical product standards are impacting U.S. business’ profitability, technological innovation and international competitiveness.

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