The CCP originated Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 resulted in worldwide panic and an unprecidented rush to create a vaccine that would stop the spread of the virus, and the unnecessary deaths of millions, possibly billions, of innocent people. A program called Operation Warp Speed was sold to the American people as a cooperative effort between government and big pharma to create a life saving vaccine in a matter of months that circumvented the normal animal testing and safety procedures that took on average from 15-20 years to create an FDA approved vaccine. This vaccine was touted as absolutely safe and effective against the Covid virus using a new technology that modified the human genome, creating permanent antibodies. Sadly, most of what was sold to us by big pharma, government & mainstream media was a lie………the vaccines were neither absolutely safe or effective.

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Guest: Del Bigtree – Host of the High Wire, filmmaker
and an investigative medical journalist

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Patent research by Dr. David Martin covering 2 decades revealed that not only was Covid 19 not a novel virus, it had over 76 patents associated with the virus and a host of Covid vaccines dating back as far as 2004. Understand this important point; you cannot patent anything naturally occuring; patents only apply to man made things. Dr. Martin's research also exposed a money trail between various government sources and the Wuhan Lab including U.S. funding for “gain of function research” that allowed a rather benign animal virus to mutate across species and become a human pathogen. This was done with knowledge that communist China had an expansive bio-warfare program and had openly talked of taking down their main adversary, the United States, with biological agents, a well documented program the Chinese Military called “unrestricted warfare”. Why in the world are we aiding and abetting our ideological enemies?

The fear mongering media presstitutes sold the narrative that the Covid 19 virus was naturally occuring and extraordinarily deadly………….the process of killing the American economy and locking down and isolating Americans began in earnest in February 2020. Although ample evidence existed to support the use of inexpensive and historically effective alternative medicines like Hydroxychloriquin, Nitric Oxide, Ivermectin and Chlorine Dioxide in conjuction with vitamin D3, C, and zinc; all of these alternatives were villified as quack remedies in the wholesale rush for big pharma vaccines.

In 2020, flu, pneumonia, heart attacks and most other natural causes of death disappeared overnight. Everything became Covid-Covid-Covid, with most deaths listed as Covid related. Hospitals were told to turn away many patients needing specific medical procedures to leave beds open for the expected rush of Covid 19 patients that never materialized. Hospitals were given an economic incentive to identfy Covid patients; $13,000.00 for identifying anyone with the virus, $39,000.00 for anyone they put on a ventilator. Needless to say, with hospital beds being reserved for Covid only patients, many people needing treatment for other maladies went undiagnosed, many ultimately dying and being added to the Covid statistics, even if Covid had nothing to do with their deaths. Ironically, the worldwide death statistics in 2020 were actually a bit lower than 2019 pre-Covid numbers………..go figure!

Now we are finding that Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, and other proven treatments were being witheld from Covid patients in hospitals, and Remdesivir became the universally accepted hospital treatment despite a very clear record of adverse effects when administered to anyone with diabetes and certain heart conditions……….it frequently shuts down normal kidney function, often causing massive renal failure and subsequent death by suffocation.

Herd immunity and high recovery rates by unvaccinated people in low risk groups are ignored, and a wholesale push for 100% universal vaccination has become the norm to even children who have a .0027 percent chance of dying from Covid 19 (about equal to being hit by lightning). The unvaccinated are being labled as the pariahs of civilized society, carelessly spreading disease to the vaccinated. Even the mentally challeged should have trouble with that narrative……….after all………..if you are vaccinated, isn't that supposed to protect you from the virus including that spread by the unvaccinated? And why is Israel, the most vaccinated country on the planet (88%), experiencing a massive new outbreak of Covid variants? If vaccines are so effective, this doesn't make sense.

This leads us to ask the obvious question. Is the whole Covid pandemic about stopping a deadly manufactured virus, or is it a plan to vaccinate the entire world? And, if it is about vaccinating the entire world with a heretofore unknown and untested gene therapy technology; for what purpose? If these vaccines are as safe and effective as is being touted, why are the CDCs own records about adverse events and vaccine deaths being so grossly underreported, even by the CDCs own admission?

Two plus two has always equaled four…… least it did pre-Covid. Now two plus two could equal anything the powers that be might want it to equal, as long as it fits their narrative. WAKE UP PEOPLE, America and the world is being “fundametally transformed” into a slave state of mindless sheeple unwilling or incapable of thinking for themselves! It's time for a wake up call and universal vaccination might be it!

Wake Up America

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