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War and Nation Building is a Racket – people are pawns in a very deadly chess game

We have been involved in a virtually limitless war in the Middle East for 16 years and are actively involved in the political process known as nation building in a world that is increasingly chaotic  and volatile. The more we act, the less we achieve our supposed goals of a safer, more peaceful world.

War has become a financial and political racket for the powerful and connected, and a very dangerous game for the rest of us who live with the consequences of their intrigues.  Are we beginning to see that the men behind the curtain care little about humanity and see us as mere pawns in a game that no-one but the rich and powerful can win. Isn’t it time that we take our nation back, and save the last best hope for humanity in a peaceful, non-interventionist, self governing constitutional republic.

Dennis Young is the former leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada. He has spent 12 years in the army as an infantryman, MP and intelligence operator. He conducted counter intelligence operations against the Russians and Cubans shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and in 1996 he worked on a program that recruited former Bosnian soldiers into the ranks of al-qaeda. He is the author of A Henchman’s Honor, a book that details his challenging and often shocking journey that reveals the truth about the American power structure and its ultimate goals.

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