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Thursday night  I will be interviewing Mark Baird, American patriot and leader of the State of Jefferson movement. We will learn more about the many court and legislative maneuvers the California State  government is using to create the first accepted Marxist government in America.  We will hear first hand accounts of a government that no longer represents rural people, but now represents an ideology and system that has failed everywhere, but somehow has found a home in the beautiful state of California.  Mark Baird will give us an update on the State of Jefferson movement, a movement meant to allow Northern California to free itself from the radical leftist policies that are destroying any semblance of liberty or private property for rural Californians.  Get an update on the progress in being made in the courtroom and the resurgent interest in liberty statewide, caused by the heavy hand of California State Government and the open redistribution and green policies that threaten the breadbasket of American agriculture.

Recent events and disclosure of illegal and treasonous acts by unelected bureaucrats and government agencies/elected officials have forced average Americans to open their eyes to the reality of an America much different than the vision of our founders.  We are facing a crisis of trust in our government institutions and this radio program is meant to expose the people and forces behind  Deep State policies that have “fundamentally transformed” America. Tune in tomorrow for an eye opening journey down the rabbit hole known by conservatives as left coast politics.

Mark Baird is a rancher, commercial pilot, radio station manager, retired deputy sheriff, businessman and constitutional scholar.  Mark lives in Siskiyou County in Northern California.


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