This week’s program is a continuation of an earlier radio program on the destruction of American social order through our various institutions of learning that have been promoting Marxism for the past 100 years. Western Europe has been the subject of social/political experimentation by globalist planners for over 100 years.  Global socialism has replaced national sovereignty on the altar of One World socialist/Marxist government, and the New World Order technocrats are having a field day dismantling the great achievements of Western civilization. Their view of a “sustainable world” includes the destruction of industrial society, cultural advances, and Christianity. They see these as impediments to a communist world of control from cradle to grave by intellectual/financial elites that feel they know what’s best for society………especially when they are in charge; totally in charge.

This week we will be examining the radical changes within American society that are directly linked to the political correctness movement and how America as the last bastion of freedom is losing free expression and rights of association through the radicalization of our universities and their predominately leftist/Marxist faculties.

The systematic destruction of our basic social, political, spiritual, economic and cultural institutions has been ongoing for many decades with the stated purpose by the power elite of surrendering American sovereignty to a global Marxist/socialist government controlled by the UN and political correctness plays into the hands of global elites.

WAKE UP AMERICA and understand how nearly we came to the total destruction of our constitutional republic at the hands of the socialist progressives masquerading as our elected and appointed political leaders.  Hear how political correctness is nothing less than another tool to make global Marxist/socialist world government our 21st Century reality.

Rich Scheben, of Eureka, Mont., is convinced (and he is not alone in this) that as Americans in general have become more and more dependent on the mechanisms of big government and big business for their well-being the only path to true security in the coming years is going to be self-sufficiency.

That’s why he wrote a book called “One New York Man’s Journey to Off Grid Living in Montana,” and published it himself. As he wrote in the Introduction:

“I just hope that a few folks, here and there, can benefit from the possibility of a new lifestyle: life in which they can have a little more control of their own destiny.”

Scheben has been living off the grid in Eureka since 2007. How he got there makes up the bulk of the introduction and the first two chapters of the book. Scheben tells of growing up in metropolitan New York City, and of his growing disillusionment with East Coast liberal society, plus his years working in what I think he would not mind me calling “the belly of the beast” — corporate America in the form of Big Pharma.

The next several chapters develop his thesis that “political correctness” is a social disease that is sapping the strength out of America’s middle class, its traditions and its principles. In a confessional mode, Scheben describes how being an “average white male” made him a target of opportunity for employers, fellow employees, and attorneys in one setback after another as he felt himself being deflected from achieving his version of the American Dream...continue reading

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