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We are at a moment in history where the freedom envisioned by our founders is little more than a fleeting memory, a memory that must be revived immediately if we are to survive as a civilization of free people. We have been fed the lies of collectivism by the leadership of our nation for so long that we now face the probability of a loss of our sovereign republic to a collectivist world government system controlled and manipulated by forces that we neither understand or support.

Join Dan and his guest G. Edward Griffin to discuss the vision and mission of Freedom Force International, a group of liberty minded local leaders from 76 nations who see working together to promote individualism as a way to bring disparate liberty groups together for a common mission. That mission is a reawakening of concepts like freedom, liberty, and individual rights…….concepts that collectivists would love to destroy forever.

G. Edward GriffinG. EDWARD GRIFFIN is a writer, documentary film producer, and Founder of Freedom Force International. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand.
He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations.

His better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island, World without Cancer, The Discovery of Noah’s Ark, Moles in High Places, The Open Gates of Troy, No Place to Hide, The Capitalist Conspiracy, More Deadly than War, The Grand Design, The Great Prison Break, and The Fearful Master.

Freedom Force International

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