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The audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is nearly complete and collated forensic data will be carefully analyzed before public disclosure within the next several weeks.  This massive effort to reconstruct the 2020 Presidential and Senatorial Election in just one large Arizona county has taken several months and uncountable man hours by election integrity volunteers and professional auditors to complete.

Will the results of the forensic audit be a big nothing-burger like so many Democrats and progressive Republicans predict, or prove beyond a shadow of doubt that massive voter fraud is not only possible, but happened in such magnitude that just one large county could alter an entire state election outcome by percentages that boggle the mind?  Just how deep does the rabbit hole go, and how many dominos may fall if we unleash the forensic audit process across America?

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Guests: David Jose, Josh Barnett, Christina Oden (Full Bio Below)

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Election fraud has been part of the voting process since the first elections were held, but that fraud was generally not very sophisticated and easily discoverable.  The advent of computerized voting and centralized tabulation made the paper ballot and precinct hand counting obsolete……or so we were told.  In point of fact, computerized voting and tabulation opened up a whole new set of possibilities for corruption in the election process, and did it in ways that are increasingly difficult to expose.  That in combination with pandemic justified mail in ballots and same day voter registration has created the perfect storm for unbridled election fraud.

It is no longer a question of whether voter fraud exists, it is a question of how much, how often and how completely the American election process has been compromised by corrupt politicians, irresponsible courts, negligent state/local officials and hostile foreign governments in control of our media and academia.

Concerned Americans and freedom loving people around the world are seeking answers to this very troubling question: “is America truly the last best hope for liberty in an autocratic world, or are we just the latest and biggest domino to fall in the totalitarian super state known as the New World Order”?

Open, free and honest elections are the ultimate litmus test for a constitutional republican system of limited government.  Without the ability to fairly elect our representatives in government we no longer possess the ability to control our own destiny.  We no longer have the ability to throw the bums out when they fail to serve in our best interests.

The Maricopa County forensic Election Audit attracted concerned citizens and elected officials from over 20 states to observe the process before considering similar audits in their home states. Legally binding election integrity affidavits are moving forward nationwide.  As more evidence of voting irregularities are exposed, grass roots organizations of concerned citizens are coming forward to demand election integrity, and it is beginning to cross party lines. Many states have passed or are proposing legislation to return to paper ballots and precinct level hand counts as well as voter ID, limiting mail in ballots, and ending same day registration.  The Democratically controlled Congress and U.S. Senate are trying to ram through Federal Legislation that not only fails to address, but compounds the level of voter fraud, and The Justice Department at the behest of the Biden Administration is doing everything possible to short circuit the Maricopa Audit………..thus far to no avail.

Will freedom loving Americans of all political persuasions realize just how important the subject of election integrity really is, or will we be the last major domino to fall to totalitarian statism?

Without fair and honest elections we will no longer have a country.  It is time for all good citizens and patriots to stand with those seeking answers and to demand that traitors to their constitutional oath be held accountable and punished.


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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

David JoseDavid Jose – Political activist and constitutional scholar was instrumental in starting the Arizona Election Audit process while working with citizen groups and whistle-blowers testifying under oath that they personally witnessed major election anomalies while serving as poll watchers, election workers and observers at tabulation centers.  He contacted numerous elected officials requesting their help in securing a certified election audit and was instrumental in seeing the audit process come to fruition.

Josh BarnettJosh Barnett – is a Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur with several Gymnasium/Fitness Centers that were nearly bankrupted when the Covid 19 lockdowns literally put him out of business for months on end.  The Draconian government lockdowns made it extremely difficult for most small businesses to survive and decided the winners and losers by dictating which businesses were “essential” and those that weren't. With few exceptions, the businesses deemed “essential” were the Mega Retailers like Costco, Wallmart, Kroger, Amazon, Strip Clubs, etc., while Mom & Pop Grocery Stores, Small Retailers, Restaurants, Gymnasiums & Churches were labeled as non-essential by government bureaucrats with little justification for their decisions.  This combined with the biased reporting and unjustified attacks by the media on anyone supporting President Trump or America First policies put Josh over the edge and led to his decision to run for national political office and expose the fraudulent system that selects office holders rather than being elected by registered voters.  As a Congressman, his highest priority will be ensuring the rights of the people are not infringed. Congress should work to improve the economy by relieving the people of over regulation and taxation to make room for the entrepreneurial spirit and prosperity.  He will actively work to prevent legislation that leads to government intrusion into families, communities and businesses so that they can pursue the American dream. “I believe that when government gets out of the way, people prosper” says Josh.

Christina OdenChristina Oden – is the President and CEO of OMD I Corp, a New York City based Construction and Land Development Company with over 25 years of experience in Restaurant, Botique Hotel and Luxury Condominium construction and development.  Christina is a much sought-after builder who has the luxury to pick and choose the projects she wishes to build and the sub-contractors she wishes to build with, and the owners she works for.

She started her career in Kentucky where she grew up on a farm owned by her Grandparents who taught the lessons of hard work and personal integrity that she has carried her entire life.  Christina earned her undergraduate degree while working as Project Manager for a Restaurant Developer in Kentucky and eventually applied for Law School at NYU where she earned her degree while working as a Senior Project Manager at the Trump Organization in New York City.  It is at the Trump Organization that her love of building and development flourished as she worked on some of the most sophisticated projects in the Trump portfolio of building types, using her knowledge and value engineering experience to produce some of the most noteworthy Trump properties in New York and New Jersey.  After 9 years with the Trump Organization, Christina went out on her own to Develop properties for famous Chefs, Interior Designers, and well known celebrities.  Her skills in the building trades have allowed her to expand into multiple businesses and organizations where she is developing skills and business structures to deal with the draconian regulations and rules that are stifling American business.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by our guests are not to be considered as endorsed by Dan Happel, producers, sponsors and The Patriot Soapbox Network. We strive to make all information truthful and informative to our listeners, but do not suppress the right of our guests to express views that may not be in conformity with mainstream opinion.  We urge our listeners to check out the information for themselves to discern the truth.
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