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Until we reestablish Justice For All, we will have Justice for None. The system is broken and we must fix it NOW!

Every day we are confronted with new revelations of undeniable corruption and collusion, but little or nothing comes of it unless it is directed toward conservatives or traditional American values.

The ever evolving political bias of televised media first came to America in a big way back in the 1950s with the McCarthy/un-American Activities Hearings, the Kennedy(s)/MLK assassinations, Civil Rights Movement, Viet Nam War Reporting, Richard Nixon/Watergate, the Church Commission, the Iran /Contra Investigations, Bill Clinton's China Gate/Bimbo Eruptions, and has accelerated since.

The most important take-away from all of these instances of mass media/television reporting is the way some things are massively exposed (some would say overexposed) while others are barely or not mentioned by the mainstream media.  Interestingly, this over/under reporting has evolved over time as more and more of media are consolidated under globalist billionaire and CCP Chinese ownership.

An obvious political bias has accelerated tenfold during the past several decades until it is impossible to sweep under the rug.  This bias is undeniably pro-globalist and protects those within the establishment uni-party political class against outsiders and those threatening to expose plans to end national sovereignty……..including America's.

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Guest: Stephen FriendTrue Blue: My Journey from Beat Cop to Suspended FBI Whistleblower…  Stephen grew up in Savannah, Georgia. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s in accounting. He transitioned from business to a career in law enforcement in 2009.  Friend was a sworn police officer in Savannah and Pooler, Georgia, for four years before joining the FBI in 2014.  He spent his first seven years in the FBI investigating violent crime and major offenses occurring on Indian reservations in Northeast Nebraska.  Friend was also a member of the FBI Omaha SWAT team for five years.  He transferred to Daytona Beach in 2021 to investigate child exploitation, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse material. Friend was reassigned to domestic terrorism casework in October 2021.  He was indefinitely suspended as an FBI special agent following his whistleblower disclosures in September 2022.  Friend is a married father of two sons.

Guest: Nate Cain – FBI WhistleBlower on Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uraniaum One, and Clinton Election Interference.  Nate is currently running for Congress in West Virginia's Second District against the W.VA State Treasurer, a former V.P. for the Podesta Group. John Podesta was a key member, strong supporter, and campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  He was called upon by President Trump's White House to assist with election integrity investigations after the 2020 Presidential Election.  Cain is an Army veteran who traveled the world with his family in service to his country.  He continued to serve as a civil servant in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps in cybersecurity engineering for more than two decades, with additional experience with the Defense Information System Agency, National Security Agency, FBI and DEA, receiving service commendations and medals of merit in several positions.  He held and currently holds a Top Secret Security clearance for 25 years.  He is a devout Christian man, believing that America's greatness stems from it's foundation in God and the principals of unalienable rights.

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The candidacy and unexpected election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 quite literally lit hair on fire at the lamestream media and their protectors/benefactors in the Deep State political establishment.  Despite massive voter fraud and almost exclusive media bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, Trump's message of “America First” was so overwhelmingly popular with voters that his ascention to the Presidency was assured; but could he be stopped from actually reversing 60 years of pro-globalist policies? The answer from the controlled media and deep state establishment insiders was “Trump must be stopped at all cost”.
Never in American political history has such an obvious abuse of power and political bias been wielded against a popularly elected President; at least this openly. The false perception of electoral choice had allowed the uni-party to fool the American people into believing that there was a real choice between the Demican/Republicrat actors periodically changing seats in the never-ending D.C. game of musical chairs.

Occasionally an establishment outsider snuck into a congressional seat, but how could this populist loudmouth upstart from the Bronx actually secure the Presidency? Not only must he be stopped, it must be in such a nasty way that no-one would ever again have the temerity to challenge the establishment status quo.

Those with dreams of winning elected office to support the U.S. Constitution or to protect the values that made America great must be taught a lesson they would never forget. That lesson must be that nothing can stop the forces of Globalism and the Marxist superstate they represent.  To stand in their way will lead to relentless attacks and unending retribution; possibly life in prison, or death!

How dare these high minded American patriots challenge the power of deep state insiders and professional politicians!  And even though unintended exposure of this massive international plot might awaken the American people, all must be risked to stop the cat from getting out of the bag.

Treason of this enormity and complexity, if exposed, would surely end in hangings and firing squads for the insiders, and all hope of the totalitarian super state they envisioned would be erased indefinitely.  Trump and the Make America Great Again movement must be stopped!!!

The litmus test for megalomaniacs is pulling off lies and coverups with boldness to the point of adsurdity……..and getting away with it.  Another important lesson of a century + of political intrigues is just how gullible and naive the American people can be.  Tell the lies enough times, very firmly, with the support of the mockingbird media, and the American people can be sold anything.  It has happened time and again!

Throughout 2020 ANTIFA and BLM had owned and devastated downtown districts of many major American cities, rioting, burning, beating and looting their way through “the summer of love” while rags like the New York Slimes crooned words of praise, and Democrat Party “leaders” like Pelosi, Harris and Obiden defended their many transgressors.  Meanwhile ordinary Americans were locked down and small businesses were shuttered while ANTIFA and BLM were given a green light to do anything they wanted.

Sadly Trump fell for the whole scamdemic that allowed the deep state to manipulate voting procedures and change Legislatively mandated election rules to encourage massive voter fraud.  To no-one's surprise it worked, and the 2020 Presidential Election became a textbook study in Election Fraud 101.

Thousands of eye-witness accounts of fraud were unceremoniously labeled as conspiracy theories by the lamestream media and castigated by the deep state as another example of “right wing extremism” and “white rage”.  When well over one million Americans of all races descended on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to support Trump and demand an investigation by Congress into the many election anomalies prior to Electoral College certification, the entire event was manipulated and mis-characterized as a riot/insurrection and Congressional hearings were cancelled.

Unlike the “summer of love” rioters, nearly one thousand patriotic Americans were charged with crimes against the state, many imprisoned, often without bail, and sentenced to years of confinement in The American Gulag System.  The blatant miscarriage of justice during the January 6 “Show Trials” prove the point of our thesis about Amerikan Just – Them.

American justice has become Amerikan Just-US with the Just-Us participants being the Globalist backed Administrative Deep State and the “duly selected leaders” of the Establishment Political Class.  Nothing good will come of this until the God fearing, freedom loving, American Middle-Class wakes up and gets off their butts.

The time of riding the fence is long past.

If you want to be slaves of the deep state and want your children that survive the great culling to live in perpetual misery, just sit there like the useless eaters that you have become.  God forbid that you show the resolve and character that could “Make America Great Again”.

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