The global elite have learned to use our differences to isolate, and separate society into fragmented groups incapable of cohesive resistance.

While progressives cry out for racial equality, they do everything possible to fracture, separate and magnify racial identities; resulting in more tension and racism, not less.  This is certainly no less true for the recently reframed LGBTQ agenda permeating our culture.

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Guest: George Carneal – author of “From Queer to Christ,” was raised by a Southern Baptist minister.  For years he struggled with his Christian faith and a same-sex attraction. George shares his painful journey through a secular world at odds with homosexuality in addition to a religious world that is hostile to homosexuals.  George would eventually spend 25 years immersed in the homosexual lifestyle (mostly in the Los Angeles club scene) and shares the pitfalls of that life.  Deliverance from that bondage is possible.  There is hope in Christ.

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Although the stated goal is to end discrimination and violence against those of who cannot help their sexual orientation, the obvious goal is to normalize and increase homosexual activity and hamstring the role traditional heterosexual families serve in society.

By normalizing and increasing relationships that cannot produce offspring, a vast new program of population reduction can be nurtured under the false banner of inclusiveness.

At the same time, biologically engineered transmittable diseases specific to LBGTQ lifestyles have been introduced and prematurely ended many productive lives.

As if that is not enough, wholesale attacks are being leveled against traditional heterosexual families in K-12 education, with an un-natural sexualization of children as young as 2-3 years old.

Everywhere you look, the normalization of deviance is being sold as the new standard for an enlightened society.

Meanwhile, 2 parent heterosexual families are being demonized as intolerant and narrow minded for teaching abstinence and faith based standards of personal conduct to their children.

Moreover, they face open scorn and censure from teachers, school boards, and administrators if or when they protest the sexualization of their children's education.

Not only are they being forced to accept ideas in direct conflict with their moral standards, they are being forced to deny their faith or face administrative and legal retribution from Federal policing agencies and Courts.

Government has been weaponized against anyone espousing ideas and conduct that by all reasonable standards should be a private choice and off limits to any politically correct, WOKE, or outside political pressures.

America has been “fundamentally transformed” from a just and moral society of individuals guaranteed liberty and free choice into a dark world of selfishness, perversion, deceit and top down total control of our thoughts and actions.

Our world is being manipulated by personalities and ideas that run counter to what many would call civil society and the inherent goodness of the American people.

The simple truth is that many well meaning people have neither discernment or a moral compass to guide their decisions.  Others lack the intellect and the backbone to stand against injustice sold as WOKE ideology and political correctness by people who definitely don't have our best interests at heart.

The global elite have understood for many generations that their genocidal and very radical depopulation agenda would never succeed until key societal bulwarks such as religious and traditional family values are destroyed.

Key to the attack on traditional family values: redefining the role of father, mother, child and the biological necessity of heterosexual relationships.

These attacks have become a useful tool to advance the goals of NWO eugenicists. Almost without exception, globalists are atheistic Malthusians with no respect for God or man.

They project an image of world-wide rapidly diminishing natural resources and come to the conclusion that human populations must be radically reduced before we destroy the planet.

Some consider this a very rational interpretation of Darwin's evolution hypothesis, seeing much of humanity as a cancer rather than asset to the development of the planet.

This view is heavily promoted by the radical green and animal rights movements that reject the God of creation and see humans as nothing but another biological species; a naturally destructive one at that.

What few people recognize are the powerful unnatural forces of NWO political influence and propaganda driving this whole narrative, and how disproportionately they will effect the future for the human race.

The false narrative driving the liberal agenda is inclusiveness and a professed love of humanity that desires only to spread limitless peace and understanding between all people. Using warm and fuzzy catch phrases, false liberals can claim the moral high ground although their goals could not be more self-serving.  Thoughtful people need to understand the hypocrisy at play from these phony liberals.

The true agenda is to fracture, alienate, demonize and ostracize individuals and groups to the point of societal anarchy.  This ends the civil cooperation that might identify the real enemy of mankind; Satanic globalism.

All Americans need to work together to identify the real enemies of mankind and stop them from destroying us from within, like the malignant cancer on society that they are.


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