….why regionalism and Federal overreach must be stopped. 

Our guest Jim Carlson will discuss the nature and extent of Federal overreach and the impacts of regionalism in local matters that impact average citizens in ways that would be inconceivable only a generation ago. We are losing our constitutional republic through a form of gradualism and mission creep that threatens to destroy the most fundamental rights of most Americans and our local leaders don’t seem to see it happening. 

The Founding Fathers intentionally structured our system of government to be a bottom-up, local control system that was meant to serve the rights of individual citizens and make government the servant and not the master. Sadly, that system is being lost through ignorance and a misunderstanding of the powers and purpose of Local, County, State, and Federal Governments.  Money has become the tool of the controllers to effect this ceding of local control to unelected bureaucrats and regional controllers that have no true authority under our Constitution. We are being eaten alive by the cancer  within our elected and appointed government…………….that cancer is progressivism,  also known as communism, and threatens our survival as a free republic.  Join this discussion of why local/county government must return to their traditional role and responsibility as protectors of liberty and the interests of individual citizens.

Jim CarlsonMr. Carlson’s 27 year portfolio includes programs that affect federal administrative agencies; formation and execution of legislative strategies; technical, statutory, and historical research; environmental compliance; large-scale infrastructure project management; and, ground-up creation and management of 4 statewide associations. His ability to merge reconnaissance, technical analysis, political strategy and strategic directives into tactical, natural-resource policy initiatives that influence government decision-making is recognized by industry, legislative and political circles. Mr. Carlson’s career began in the electric utility industry where he gained a track record in project management, regulatory negotiations, water research, environmental policy, and participation in leadership circles, including the Steering Committee of the Utilities Solid Waste Activities Group (USWAG), and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Mr. Carlson has been a central figure in the start-up of four statewide associations, two consulting firms, and he presently is working on what he hopes will be a framework for a national association of local governments that will engage federal agencies on natural-resource and administrative policy issues.

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