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The People's Republic of China has become the darling of globalists and progressive socialist/Marxists worldwide, and has benefitted greatly from the transfer of manufacturing and technology from Capitalist countries of the West by appointed and elected political leaders sympathetic to Marxist theories of wealth transfer. Although “liberalization” of Chinese society has created a whole new class of financial elites, it is important to understand that loyalty to communist ideology is a must if you want to be allowed to succeed in their controlled society. We recently exposed the Chinese Social Credit System being put in place by technology giant Google on behalf on the ruling communist oligarchy. Companies like Google have no loyalty to any American ideals or values other than the accumulation of wealth and have put in place a system of control in China that will be the blueprint for America and the rest of the world.

Within this controlled society, those who fail to swear allegiance to a ruling communist oligarchy or exhibit a desire to live free of police state control, are not so fortunate and become targets rather than beneficiaries of state power dan. An example are a spiritual group called the Falun Gong who are routinely imprisoned and beaten for their belief systems. The ruling communist thugs have turned these harmless practitioners of nonviolence into a money making scheme by selling their body parts through a brutal program of organ harvesting, thus enriching themselves while destroying a perceived political threat.

If you truly believe in freedom of choice, rights of individuals, rights of private property and other anti-totalitarian ideas that have made America the greatest bastion of liberty in history, you must openly oppose the communist takeover of our country and the rest of the world by Marxist ideologues. Join us for a glimpse of daily life in the PRC to learn what happens when we surrender our freedoms to an omnipotent and very evil system of totalitarian statism. Learn about life behind the Red Curtain and why it is important to support leaders that are willing to protect individual rights and are trying to expose the lies of utopian socialism.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic!!

Dr. Charles Lee – a U.S. citizen, was born in Mainland China in 1965. Dr. Lee received his medical education in China and came to the U.S. to study neuroscience. He received a Master in Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994. In 1995, Dr. Lee moved to Boston to conduct medical research at the Harvard Medical School and passed the U.S. medical board exams.

In 1999 when the communist regime began its campaign of persecution against Falun Gong, a peaceful Chinese meditation practice, Dr. Lee set out to counter the lies and defamation being disseminated by the regime’s propaganda apparatus. During one attempt to do so in China in January 2003, he was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison.

While in prison, the communist regime used both physical and mental torture to pressure Dr. Lee to renounce his faith. He went on hunger strike several times in protest, and the prison authorities retaliated by violently force-feeding him. Dr. Lee refused to cooperate. After his release from prison in January 2006, Dr. Lee returned to the U.S.

Since then, Dr. Lee has been actively involved in exposing Beijing’s persecution of Falun Gong and sharing with the public what he has personally experienced in a communist jail as a prisoner of conscience. His story was recently featured in the documentary film, “Free China – The Courage to Believe” (http:// ). In recent years, Dr. Lee has been an active member of both the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong ( ) and the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party ( ), both are New York-based NGOs. Dr. Lee has testified at U.S. Congress, and spoken at various forums press events, and panels on rights issues in China.

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber – is an entrepreneur and activist from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has dedicated over 17 years to help expose The systematic Forced Organ Harvesting in China. He is the advocacy director for StopOrganHarvesting.Org and works closely with the former Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific ,Hon. David Kilgour Esq., as well as, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and award winning China investigator, Ethan Gutmann. Together they are making history in exposing The Chinese Communist regime’s mandated forced live organ harvesting genocide against Falun Gong practitioners and others for the last 18+ years in China. These prisoners of conscience have been sent to State mandated Hospitals; their organs cut out of their bodies while ALIVE; the organs then are sold for large profit and their bodies are burned to remove the evidence in the boiler room ovens.

Mitchell has reached out to us as he feels that as human beings we all are responsible to uphold the dignity of the human body and human life. Moreover, with such irrefutable evidence now confirming that this is more than some back alley organ theft, and actually a new form of evil that The Chinese government is intentionally carrying out on a large number of its citizens… Proves the point even more so why this topic needs to be discussed.

Mitchell encourages us to do so, even though the topic is so hard to believe and permit him an opportunity to share it.

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