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A human tragedy of epic proportions has been accelerating in South Africa as the country slides deeper into communist despotism and African tribalism.

Join us for another look at South Africa and what happens when an advanced western industrial economy falls under the control of communist thugs and anti-white tribalism. Speak out against racism from any quarter and be willing to help fellow Christians suffering persecution by the agents of communism.

WAKE UP AMERICA. We are facing the total destruction of everything we hold dear and need to look at the lessons of South Africa where communist ideologues destroy rule of law and are killing the most productive members of society. Do we need a refresher course on the social cancer called communism?

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Guest: Dr. Harry Booyens ~ “As a reluctant author, I have felt forced to create the book AmaBhulu  in response to the savagery and abuse besetting South Africa in the 21st century. If the Western media had exhibited professional balance in the matter of that tortured country, there would have been less need for this work. However, almost 60 years of slanted reporting has created a desperate need for the broader South African story, properly substantiated by evidence.     Creating this work consumed seven years and took me to the smallest of villages in Europe and out of the way places in South Africa. As I followed the bread crumbs of information on the trail of history, it turned into a journey of discovery in several domains. Perhaps I even discovered my true self.     To those readers in North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, I give you AmaBhulu, the story of your disowned kin deserted to the forces of savagery in Africa; sentenced to death on the altar of the guilty conscience of Europe and North America in the matters of Colonialism and Slavery.     To those in South Africa, it is the story of who you are”.

Harry Booyens PhD is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist. Originally from South Africa, with a 360-year bloodline in that country, he lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver, Canada. He applies his lifetime of research and interpretive skills to History and Genealogy, and writes with factual accuracy and engaging style on these subjects. Compelling evidence is a trademark of his work and has won him a number of awards.

Some countries, especially the United States, have kicked open the doors to unrestricted illegal immigration, unless you are white, Christian and Afrikaans.  Some countries, especially the United States, have kicked open the doors to unrestricted illegal immigration, unless you are white, Christian and Afrikaans.

The WOKE culture of the Obama/Obiden Administration currently in power refuses to recognize White Afrikaans as refugees or victims of political/racial persecution. Are we so heartless and self-absorbed that we would allow the destruction of an entire population of white Christian Afrikaans that may represent our closest cousins?

The fiscal and social disasters predicted by many apartheid leaders prior to the transfer of power to Mandela and the AMC have largely come true, as those moderate Afrikaans who chose to ignore these warnings are beginning to admit their error.

In their rush to explain economic failure under communist policies, the ANC and EFF Parties are blaming everyone else for the economic and social collapse that has been consuming South Africa since the end of apartheid.

A series of Black ANC leaders from Mandela through Ramaphosa have promoted communist economic and social policies that have failed average black and white Africans alike, while lining the pockets of ANC cronies and fellow travelers.  International organized criminals have found a secure place in South Africa since those in power are willing to turn a blind eye to corruption for personal financial gain.

Most average black and white South Africans are less affluent and secure now than under Apartheid.

Despite the many promises of prosperity and better lives under ANC leadership, South Africa has been in a steady and accelerating decline, while the well developed tactic of deflecting blame for bad leadership by fanning anti-white racism has emerged as an extremely dangerous tool of the radical left.

Any honest appraisal of the resource rich country of South Africa must conclude that 30 years of socialist/ Marxist/communist government has failed miserably.

In a country that only 40 short years ago was ranked as the 14th most modern and advanced economy in the world; food/fuel/housing shortages, power outages, rapes and murders are now the norm. When he assumed power in 1992 Nelson Mandela was hailed by the far left as the savior of mankind, while the United Nations and Time Magazine honored him as the most important political leader of the 20th Century.

If that was true, why did the South African economy start unraveling under his tutelage, and why is crime and murder climbing at a rate much higher than all other countries in the civilized world?

If communism works so well, why has it failed every single time that it has been tried, and given it's failures, why do communists continue to press for more of the same?

The South African Parliament controlled by the communist ANC Party, has escalated the war on white farmers by passing legislation that allows the confiscation of “surplus” land of white commercial farmers with no compensation. Farm murders and land expropriation are the consequence of 30 years of excuses for failed economic policies that no longer placate the poor blacks looking for answers to their economic woes.

Many white farmers have productively tilled the land for many generations; land that had never been settled or claimed by anyone else before their arrival.

These same white farmers have made South Africa agriculturally productive in unprecedented ways despite overwhelming natural obstacles such as drought, insects, and blistering heat; making it the breadbasket of the African continent.

Over the past 30 years the ANC communist government have turned a blind eye to increased attacks on white farmers. Some elected black leaders in the South African government such as Jullius Melema have called for the murder of white farmers with nary a peep from the human rights groups that scream for the rights of anyone of color.

Is the South African government under ANC/EFF leadership now the enemy of civilized society? Afrikaans are the canary in the coal mine against a worldwide program of communist despotism masquerading as social justice.

A mass exodus of white Christians of European decent has cut the Afrikaans population in half over the past 30 years and many of the fewer than 3 million remaining are desperately fearful for their lives. Most whites are excluded from gainful employment and many would emigrate to another country given the opportunity.

Since we supposedly won the cold war the number of nations falling under the pall of communist and socialist control has nearly doubled. We are currently the number 1 trading partner of The People’s Republic of China, the largest and most powerful communist country in the world. The PRC has also gained control of many of the natural resources of the African continent through their Belt and Road program and by sponsoring the overthrow of Western style elected governments. Major agricultural land acquisitions in the United States by the PRC are finally coming under Congressional scrutiny, after failed Obama/Obiden leadership .




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