Tuesdays program will be a continuation of last week’s broadcast focusing on the attacks on and dismantling of the small farm and ranch heritage that is the cornerstone of American exceptionalism.  Over the past 50 years we have seen an intense and growing attack on rural American lifestyles from Federal and State Land Agencies that seem more intent on promoting radical environmentalism than defending private property and rural lifestyles.

Our guests will be: Author and Public Speaker Michael Stickler who will be talking about his latest autobiographical book Cliven Bundy – American Patriot. Stickler met Cliven Bundy in the Southern Nevada Detention Center and spent 2 months interviewing and assembling the information to write an honest and detailed autobiography of the man labeled as a Domestic Terrorist by Harry Reed and the BLM. This autobiography is the story of a family that decided it had no option but to take a last stand to protect the Western ranching tradition from a Federal leviathan hell bent on absolute control of every aspect of our lives, especially our property. His stand is a case study in what could happen to anyone willing to stand against Federal Land Agency Bureaucrats, and why it is important to be willing to make that stand.  The Federal machine has become much too powerful, with a total disregard for the uniquely American tradition of private property and constitutional republican government. After hearing this radio program you are tasked with deciding for yourself……is Cliven Bundy a terrorist or a patriot.   Mike Stickler will be joined by Science Editor/Writer for Range Magazine, Chance Gowan.  Gowan has 30+ years of experience working in Federal land/resource agencies and provides a refreshing insight into the mission statement changes that have occurred over the past 50 years.  Chance was part of the generation that felt that his duty was to serve the citizens, not the environment or special interests, but according to him, that is no longer the norm.

Bureaucrats and administrative agencies nationwide have changed the rules and the culture of private property and right by use in ways that could not have been imagined a century ago.  Do states actually own and manage the lands within their borders, or are some states more equal than others?  Does the Equal Footing Doctrine mean what it says or are we to believe that some rules apply differently for admission from state to state.

The purpose of Tuesdays radio program is to show how the attacks on rural American and private property are a result of 200 years of constitutional neglect and a public willing to accept far too many encroachments into their lives.  We hope to bring clarity to the debate and stop the demonization of citizens willing to take a stand against unconstitutional Federal overreach.  We either have a Constitution and follow it, or we may as well not pretend we do.

Stickler, 57, had been serving a thirty month federal sentence on tax fraud charges. According to Stickler, in one of his business organizations an employee had mismanaged some federal grant funding. Because he was the principle in the company, the mismanagement had landed him in Lompoc Federal Correctional Camp in California.

In early 2017, toward the end of his sentence, he was transitioned into a half-way house in Las Vegas. But space at the half-way house was not yet available for him. So he was transported to a Pahrump detention facility to wait for an opening. That is where he met Cliven Bundy.

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“I was pretty upset about being there at the time,” Stickler said. “It wasn’t where I was expecting to be at all. But it turned out to be a good thing.”

Stickler said that he didn’t know much about Bundy at the time. While he was somewhat familiar with the standoff from the national news coverage, he hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it. From what he had heard, though, he had expected Bundy to be more of an extremist.

“I’m a pretty level-headed guy,” Stickler said. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all. So I expected Cliven to be one of those a tin-foil hat wearing kind of guys. That is where I started out. But in the end I’ve gone to considering him a good friend. I am certainly a supporter at this point. But I definitely didn’t start there.”

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New Book Provides Inside Look At Cliven Bundy

Chance Gowan is an aquatic biologist with the U.S. Forest Service in Idaho. He helps community-based collaborative groups to effectively participate in land management decisions.

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