Life, liberty and property are as essential to Americans as the air we breathe if we are to expand civilization to the rest of the world.

The takedown of America, private property, and individual liberty is the last major hurdle to international socialism, and Marxist progressives are determined to end America as we know it within a generation.

The very cornerstone of American liberty is the idea of private property that is so thoughtfully reinforced in America's founding documents.

“Those who can't own property, are property”.

This very wise adage is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, and is the antithesis of the collectivist mindset driving the Green New Deal and the top down world government scheduled for full implementation by 2050.

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Guest: Nathan Descheemaeker and his family raise registered feeder calves in Central Montana.  Descheemaeker is a Senior Research Associate and Policy Analyst specializing in federal and local government administrative procedures, land and natural resource policymaking, local governmental relations, and program management.

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Although it has been slow in coming, there is an awakening taking place in America. We are awakening to the reality that all individual rights, expressions of personal opinion, and ownership of private property are the target of Marxist progressives who hijacked the highest elected and appointed offices of our land.

Congress is currently holding hearings to expose the weaponization of many Federal law enforcement and Cabinet level agencies against average Americans.  What turned our government from servant to master?

What turned Americans from the leaders of the free world to mindless followers of Marxist groupthink? In a word; “GLOBALISM”, and a willingness to give up individual rights for the “good of the collective” that has become the touchstone of modern American education for at least the past 50 years.

The World Order envisioned by social progressives deems private property and the accumulation of wealth from hard work and personal sacrifice a crime against humanity, openly promoting a “great reset” that will end private property and bring about their utopian Marxist society controlled by international banksters and assorted high level technocrats such as WEF President Klaus Schwab.

Under our constitutional system, government was created to serve the citizens, not control them, and made sacred the notion that the right to own property was our God given un-alienable right.

The oppressive history of the British Monarchy and the feudal landlord system weighed heavily in the basic premise that your labor was your property and that government or feudal masters did not have the right to take the labor of your hands without your permission and their payment of just compensation.

A total understanding of what constitutes private property is so much more complex than most people realize; your labor, land ownership, personal belongings, your physical body, the freedom to reason and create, the right to express the opinions and ideas that come from your mind, are all forms of private property that must be defended at all cost.

The ability to speak freely and to think as you wish is as fundamental to private property as any land titles or personal possessions.

The United States of America became the breadbasket for the world because of our hard working farmers and ranchers, our abundant fertile and productive farmland, and the free market forces that invested heavily in the research and development of innovations that have transformed agriscience in ways unimaginable at the time of our founding.

America was built on the independent pioneer spirit of a strong and determined people willing to sacrifice and struggle so that their children and grandchildren could live a free and happy existence on the land that their forefathers paid for with blood, sweat and tears.

Hard work and personal sacrifice was the price to be paid for liberty.

Our nation was settled by immigrants and outcasts with one common understanding; America was a land of opportunity, but that opportunity came with a price, and many paid the ultimate price so that their progeny could live in abundance and liberty.

At the UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 a radical program of sustainable development known as UN Agenda 21 was introduced to an unsuspecting world.  This far ranging UN program called for a complete transformation of society wherein private property, individual liberty, and God given (unalienable) rights would no longer exist and mankind would succumb to a totalitarian one world socialist/Marxist government that would control every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.

This draconian scheme calls for a rewilding of America that returns 50% of all land to Pre-Columbian wilderness off limits to humans, with 70% of all remaining land restricted to very limited human use and activities. It has been reinforced by 27

American small farmers, ranchers and natural resource producers are targeted for elimination with virtually all public and much private land in the Western US becoming wilderness under Agenda 21/2030 and “Green New Deal” schemes.

This includes lands that have been owned and worked by the same families for 5 or more generations, and paid for many times over with their sacrifice.

These UN programs seem so ridiculous that they would have been inconceivable to most Americans even 2 generations ago.  However, years of indoctrination in government run “progressive” schools has immeasurably dumbed down American youth who are falling in line just like so many lemmings walking off the edge of a cliff.

Join us for a discussion about the future of private property and how government overreach into the lives of rural Americans has already transformed our nation and our culture into something quite unrecognizable to historical America……and what we can do to stop them from achieving their utopian goal of fundamental and total transformation”.

WAKE UP AMERICA! It is not too late to reclaim our national heritage and maybe save our nation and the free world in the process.  We need to realize what we are giving up, draw a line in the sand, and be willing to defend that line with our lives, liberty, and sacred honor. Our nation needs us!




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