The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement and the IRS represents the greatest single threat to American national sovereignty.

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Guest: Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

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The Mara Lago raid by the FBI under the direction of the O'biden Justice Department clearly illustrates that we have entered a new phase in the weaponization of Federal law enforcement against many law abiding classes of American citizens.  For the past 30+ years treasonous and openly criminal acts by the liberal leftists occupying the White House and their many accomplices within the permanent D.C. swamp (administrative state) have been ignored or covered up by the same FBI and Justice Department that now labels traditional patriotic Americans as “right wing extremists”; targets for prosecution.  Until recently, the weaponization of law enforcement for political persecution was unthinkable in the United States; limited to totalitarian governments and tin pot dictatorships in banana republics.  No longer.  The entire Democrat Party and the RHINO wing of the Republican Party are now showing their true colors and they are decidedly RED with a bright yellow undertone.  The curtain is completely drawn back to expose their treasonous plan for America: societal destruction and eventual subjugation to the New World Order system they think they'll be part of.

The cornerstone “rule of law” that underpinned the whole constitutional system guaranteed protection of minority rights and justice for all; at least that was the intent in the beginning.  Individual rights were paramount, as was the recognition of political accountability and personal responsibility.  Collective rights were limited to inconsequential pursuits, at least until the Progressive movement formed under Theodore Roosevelt……America's first RHINO……….progressed through Democrat Woodrow Wilson, and took full flight when Teddy's socialist second cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President.  The 20th Century saw a major shift toward collectivism in American political thinking, financed by monopolists (power elites) like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Morgan and other crony capitalists and bankers intent on first controlling, and eventually culling the masses.  The Utopian visions of the high I.Q. nitwits of the left were effective tools in the hands of the power elite who found it amazingly easy to buy the political class, media, and academia; while simultaneously convincing them that they were saving humanity from the mega rich and spreading the wealth to the “little guy”.  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth, the power elite plan to destroy the “little guy” as soon as the little guy destroys the American Middle Class!

The plan to end American exceptionalism did not happen over night.  Although most Americans noticed a marked change in day to day life, it happened so gradually that few were willing to admit to themselves how few real freedoms we still had.  Under the pall of terrorism, pandemics, economic collapse and war, most Americans became conditioned to an almost perpetual fear of the unknowable, and willingly handed over their freedoms for protection from myriad boogymen being marched across our TV screens every night of the week.  The propaganda of fear become so much a part of daily life that pharmaceutical drugs and mass hysteria replaced baseball and apple pie as symbols of 21st Century America.

The 2016 Presidential Election was the equivalent of throwing a bucket of cold water into a sleeping man's face.  The progressives thought that the subjugation of America to a system of world government was a fait accompli, anticipating that their total control of media, big tech and the voting machines would easily propel Hillary Clinton into the Presidency.  They really had no idea of the size and dedication the America First movement and of Donald Trump's popularity with grass roots conservatives.  Despite massive voter fraud, Trump support was so overwhelming that it overcame a several million fraudulent vote cushion that Clinton and the DNC knew was baked into the cake.

The paint hadn't even dried on the election before the fully weaponized Obama/Clinton/Obiden DOJ and FBI were in full swing to stop at any cost the swearing in of Donald J. Trump as President.  This political upstart, not part of the Deep State Cabal, had to be stopped before he could undo 100 years of progressive NWO programing.  If he was sworn in, he must be so marginalized and demonized that no-one would be able or willing to support him.  The overwhelmingly Democrat controlled Administrative State quickly fell in line as a second layer of defense against a return to traditional American values.  After 4 years of unwarranted attacks and demonization, most Trump programs to limit the growth and size of government were so deeply buried by the entrenched bureaucrats that they never saw the light of day.

The 2020 Election saw such enormous wholesale fraud that an overwhelming win by Trump was turned into a narrow Biden victory after 6 swing states simultaneously suffered a 4 hour shutdown of the computers. Before the shutdowns Trump was winning all 6 states, only to be reversed and lost to Biden when the computers came back on the morning after the election.  Although there were thousands of computer and mail ballot anomalies and eye witness accounts of fraud, the left fell back on their age old and highly effective tactic of name calling and demonization to silence their critics.

Subsequently, the Trump Administration America First wins that did manage to squeak by the Deep State during his presidency were immediately reversed by executive order by the duly selected White House resident China Joe Obiden and his Marxist puppet master living down the street.  But that wasn't enough!

The Deep State must destroy everyone and everything that blocks their path to a Marxist/technocratic one World Government, using any means including weaponized Federal Law Enforcement and the newly expanded and heavily armed IRS to silence any opposition.  Trump or anyone resisting world federalism must be destroyed!  A weaponized government has truly become the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA!  Do you understand?

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