Only By Blood and SufferingThe rules have changed since president Bill Clinton began wholesale implementation of UN Agenda 21 through his President's Council on Sustainable Development in 1994.

The goals of UN Agenda 21 include the return of 50% or more of the United States to pre-Columbian wilderness, off limits for average Americans. Most of the America West is targeted for wilderness designation, and it does not matter who lives there or how they are effected.

Sustainable Development as proposed under UN Agenda 21 does not recognize or respect private property since their system of world government is based on collectivism, and total control of every citizen from cradle to grave.

We will be discussing the reduction or destruction of grazing leases on public lands, the attacks on cattle ranching as a way of life, and the focus on Veganism as the key to a sustainable future under UN Agenda 21.

Jeanette Finicum is the wife of murdered cattle rancher Lavoy Finicum who was ambushed by Federal and Oregon State Troopers near the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  

Jeanette FinicumJeanette Finicum
speaks about LaVoy and his character, who he was, and what he was standing for. Jeanette also shares about her personal experiences with the BLM and the FBI since her husband’s murder.

Finicum Family Website
One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom



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