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how foundation money funds the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Under the Constitution there were to be 3 branches of government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) that would limit the power of the Federal Estate through a system of checks and balances. We now have 2 additional (unconstitutional) branches that go largely unrecognized by average citizens that hold more power and influence than the original 3 branches were ever intended.

The first of these unconstitutional branches is made up of the bureaucracies and administrative agencies that have grown through the expansion of the powers of the President, and account for 95% of all new regulations and administrative laws that control our citizens.

The second unconstitutional branch of government is made up of the tax exempt foundations, environmental NGOs, and special interest lobbying groups that virtually control our entire government through their purchase of political influence. Green has a whole new meaning when corrupt politicians and limitless mounds of cash come together in a perfect synthesis of corruption and control.

Please join Dan and his special guest Ron Arnold to hear how the “green economy” really works.

Ron ArnoldRon Arnold  has written more than 300 magazine articles, numerous book chapters, and is the author of eleven books and editor of twelve books.

He was born in Houston, Texas, adopted and raised by his grandparents, grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and began his work career as a technical writer and illustrator for Boeing in Seattle in 1961. He founded his own photojournalism company, Northwoods Studio, in 1971, freelancing for outdoor and natural resource industry magazines, where he became known as a friend of loggers, miners, oilmen, ranchers and others whose lives were harmed by environmentalist activism. Between 1976 and 1981, Arnold was a contributing editor of Western Conservation Journal and Logging Management Journal, where his 1979 magazine series, “The Environmental Battle”, won the American Business Press 1980 Editorial Achievement Award.

In 1981, Arnold was commissioned to write the authorized biography of President Ronald Reagan’s Interior Secretary, James G. Watt. His growing political expertise brought an invitation to direct the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in 1984, where he remains Executive Vice President. He subsequently founded the Free Enterprise Press to give a voice to writers on politically incorrect themes and edited twelve of the Press’s books.

In 1988 he founded the Wise Use Movement to advocate for property rights and resource workers. His own highly acclaimed books on politics and the environment were distributed by Merril Press, which quickly became his publisher. His “EcoTerror” was included in the “100 Best Nonfiction Books of the 20th Century” Random House / Modern Library Reader’s List. Ron’s “Undue Influencespurred a congressional hearing, which resulted in a House Committee investigation of environmental group unethical activity. HisFreezing in the Dark: Money, Power, Politics and The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” revealed insider operations that built the political machine that took Barack Obama to the White House. His ebook “Cracking Big Green: Saving the World from the Save-The-Earth Money Machine” is a top seller in several Amazon categories. Arnold is listed in Who’s Who in America, has written dozens of profiles for the project of the Heartland Institute, and writes political columns appearing in several news outlets. All of his books are shown on the Ron Arnold Author Page of

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