Human Rights

a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person


The Second Amendment and Citizen Militias

being necessary for the security of a free state The second amendment stands as the last line of defense against those who seek to create...

Radical Islam & Fear …the keys to unlock the new world order?

This week Dan and his guests will discuss in detail how radical Islam has redefined international terrorism and made Americans and Europeans more amenable...

Climate Change=Social Change

...the globalist tool to destroy individual liberty This week’s program will provide the clear nexus between climate change fraud openly promoted by the U.N. IPCC...

REWILDING AND MEGA CITIES …Kiss rural America Goodbye

Through a process of government regulation and control for  "the common good", private property as established by our founders as a fundamental right and...

G Edward Griffin | Gallatin/Madison Valley Republican Dinner March 12 2016

G. Edward Griffin - The Creature From Jekyll Island The Federal Reserve Scam.  Central Banks.  Idea X.  Collectivism.  What are they and why are they...