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The planned cashless society is a trap.  Are there ways to create autonomous currencies and digital money that are not a trap?

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Guest: Kent Lewiss –  is the founder and creator of  He is the CEO of Uncensored Freedom Inc. and Freedom Currency Inc.  He is a Conceptional Software Engineer and a Pure ~ free thinking visionary who is a legit freedom fighting entrepreneur who loves to pay it forward and see people succeed.  Kent’s intent is to work with the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to build out open source marketplaces and circumvent the coming beast system.

When the idea of crypto currency first appeared on the scene with the roll out of Bitcoin, I was asked what I thought about the idea.  My first reaction was that of the natural born skeptic.  I knew nothing about blockchain technology and even less about esoteric concepts like proof of work or digital mining.

Although at the time bitcoin was trading at well under a dollar, my sensibilities told me that this had the makings of another Ponzi scheme meant to lead Americans down a rabbit hole to nowhere.  Had I risked $1,000 at the time, I would have become a very rich man. Obviously I should have done more homework on the subject before dismissing it out of hand.

Although the success of Bitcoin is legend, it is also extremely volatile and has several Ponzi qualities; just on a technologically higher level.  Can I say that I really understand the technology called blockchain?  Not even close, but I also don't understand how to build a computer and yet modern society couldn't get by without them.  My lack of understanding is no determinant of whether something is good or bad.

Who controls the technology and their motives for gaining control is what matters.  Like most new technologies, crypto currencies have the potential to be either liberating or controlling, depending on who owns the technology.  Therein is the fly in the ointment.

Like every other good idea, it took little time before those with the money and power to do so, were working overtime to figure a way to gain control of the technology for their personal profit.

Consequently, International Central Bankers have invested many billions on blockchain technologies with the intention of eliminating cash and crafting a totally digital monetary system indexed to social credit scores…………compiled and controlled by the state.

When fully in place, this will become the ultimate form of slavery; handing absolute control to those in charge of the social credit scoring system.

Was this the intention all along?

Much like the chicken or the egg; was the amazing success of Bitcoin real or just a head-fake to introduce a new technology of total control that Central Bankers had planned long ago?

My limited observation of bankers tells me that the blockchain technology came first; being far too brilliant to be dreamed up by bean counters.  That being said, banksters are quick on the uptake after the fact, especially when it comes to creating value out of nothing and making a nice profit from little more than other people's genius and hard work.

The question becomes; can we salvage the privacy and anonymity of crypto currencies without surrendering outside control of blockchain technology to powerful central bankers and governments intent on creating a cashless society controlled by them?

That becomes the $64,000.00 question.  The WEF, IMF, Federal Reserve and other Central Banking institutions have all expressed a desire to eliminate cash and move into a totally electronic digital system.  Although they claim their motives are pure, one has to go no farther than simple logic to understand the downside of surrendering that much control to greedy and powerful men that have already bankrupted us with unlimited money creation.

Most of the ills of modern society can be tracked back to loose money policies and extravagant government spending.  Politicians love central bankers and the ability to spend beyond their means so they can bring home the bacon to voters and get re-elected.  Central bankers love politicians willing to borrow money the bankers create out of nothing at interest, providing an endless stream of profit and power until the system finally implodes.

The near total collapse of the international banking system in 2008-2009 forwarned of the systemic debt problem inherent with fiat banking, but rather than fix the problem, the debt was quadrupled and the can was kicked further down the road, guaranteeing a bigger imminent calamity.  What is the solution? According to the bankers, it is a totally electronic digital system that has no limits as to the amount of debt created and serviced, but society must be willing to turn over total control to the bankers and politicians.

This system would provide a guaranteed minimum income for everyone, with shelter, food & clothing doled out through a social credit system created by Google for communist China. The saying goes…..all roads lead to Rome. 

Today all roads lead to communist China and a political class willing to sell our posterity to the highest bidder which just happens to be China.  Money problem solved…….and all we had to do was betray our country and 235 years of independence and liberty…

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