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The COP 28 Conference in Dubai UAE moved toward eliminating affordable and reliable energy and expanding control of food production.

The COP 28 Conference in Dubai was considered a bit of a flop by those globalist insiders that wanted guarantees of total control of all natural resources and food production by the year 2030, but watchdogs that attended were still quite alarmed by the outspoken support of communist central planning goals by American officials and the overall success of financial redistribution zealots.

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Guest: Debbie Bacigalupi is a Californian cattle rancher who is in-demand throughout the west as an educational speaker on Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, Cap and Trade, Sustainable Development, property rights, dams and water rights, “conservation”, rewilding the West, habitat restoration, the Endangered Species Act and other related issues.

She attends many conferences including the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, COP21 and the 2015 UN Paris Climate Change Conference, COP24, COP 25, COP 26, COP 27 and COP 28.
She has attended numerous American environmental conferences including: Navigating the American Carbon World on Cap and Trade, the Western Governors Association Crucial Habitat Conferences, and many Fish and Wildlife meetings and hearings on the Endangered Species Act.
Ms. Bacigalupi co-produced and/or inspired timely documentaries: Blue, No Water No Farmer No Food, and Wolves in Government Clothing – all focusing on how aggressive environmental policy is harming rural America.
Discouraged by the erosion of rural America, she ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. Ms. Bacigalupi holds a BS degree in Business and a Masters in Business administration and is a Certified Meeting Professional and Sommelier.
Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to free rural America and change lives through education inspired her to open her own business with Rodan+Fields ( She is Ambassador-at-Large for Technocracy.News.



Although one wouldn't think it a brilliant ploy to put a major UN Conference focused on eliminating fossil fuels in a major oil producing country, it was amazing how successful the mainstream media PR campaign worked in making oil producers seem to be totally on-board with plans to destroy their own economies.

No one ever seems to make the connection between fossil fuels, successful industrial societies, and modern farming practices, making one wonder how the human race has survived as long as they have with so little common sense.

The fact that cheap and reliable energy has been responsible for food production and lifestyle advancements in every country around the world, seems to be lost to those useful idiots that swell the ever expanding ranks of carbon haters at COP conferences. And, it doesn't end there!

Now they are coming for the water as well as targeting the elimination of industrial capacity that makes our society productive.

Red meat consumption and most forms of animal husbandry have become the new boogyman of the control freaks, making our eventual starvation a distinct possibility should we decide to replace cattle with cockroaches as proposed by Klaus Schwab.

Everywhere we turn, nitwits are popping out of the woodwork, and far too few people with common sense and a spine are willing to point them out as the disruptors and enemies of civil society they are.

Since affordable and reliable energy is the engine of modern free market economies, the communists at the heart of the environmental movement are attacking anything that makes our economy work in their drive to return us to the stone age culture they consider utopian.

Their radical plans demand a return to “Pre-Columbian” wilderness for much of the United States. “Pre-Columbian means returning America to a state of wilderness that existed prior to the landing of Christopher Columbus in the new world; basically returning to a tribal stone-age culture.

Obviously dams, irrigation projects, hydro-electric power and modern industrial society must go under this utopia envisioned by the intellectual giants that we can refer to as radical environmentalists.

Common sense has absolutely no place in a world envisioned by these geniuses, unless you consider their big picture vision for humanity.

An integral part of the UN Agenda 21/2030 big picture is a reduction of human population to a “sustainable level” of fewer than a billion people, a 93% reduction that can only happen by war, disease, drought, pestilence or starvation.

All of a sudden the deindustrialization of America and widespread destruction of hydroelectric and water storage dams start to make sense……….at least if you are part of the world government clique that sees humanity as a blight on the planet that must be eradicated.

Without water we can't grow food.

Without energy and industrial society we can't plant, harvest, process, store or transport food.

To convince average Americans to shoot themselves in the head would be no less effective…..only much, much quicker.

These radical new programs call to replace existing systems of affordable and reliable energy with expensive and unreliable energy sources such as wind generators and solar panels called “renewable” while sources as straightforward and reliable as hydro-electric power are termed as “antiquated and environmentally destructive” by the same radicals.

Without water and the much needed irrigation storage that these dams provide, very little of the American West is arable.

When the water goes, the land is useless and will return to “Pre-Columbian wilderness”…………..get the point, it's all part of the plan.

Dams are as critical a part of American infrastructure as roads, bridges, and sewage plants.

The fact that so many (now well over 6,000) dams are being targeted for destruction by 2030 should be sounding alarms all over America.

The loss of hydro-electrical energy alone could be catastrophic, especially when being replaced by wind and solar sources that are extremely unreliable under the best of circumstances.

The lunatics are clearly in charge of the asylum, finding simple facts like basic survival for billions of people inconsequential in their Marxist/utopian world view. After all, destroying western agriculture is such a small part of their overall plan to destroy humanity; who but a few western farming and ranching families could possibly care or make a fuss?

Wake up America.

Your lives may depend on a clear understanding of the forces we are facing.

The global elite have every intention of following through with their dystopian plan to force humanity to dance to their radical socialist agenda and unchallenged authority.

They plan to micro-manage every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave through our food supply and absolute control of our physical environment. In their world “sustainable” means “authoritarian”.

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