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The cornerstone of representative constitutional government is a system of free, honest and open elections that are auditable.

This is a special update on the nationwide effort to identify and expose the corrupt election practices that have infiltrated the election process throughout America.

Clearly, the adaptation of electronic vote tabulation and the nearly universal acceptance of computer programs to manage all voter records has thrown a new wrinkle into election integrity, but that is only a small part of a much bigger story.

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U4F – United Sovereign Americans (

Guest: Harry Haury, Chairman of the Board, has been involved with elections for decades; he consulted on the design and authoring of HAVA.  As one who has worked extensively with the US Military, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the intelligence community, he is recognized as a subject matter expert and leader on cyber security attack and defense.  Harry submitted expert testimony in several election challenges in 2020 including testimony filed at the Supreme Court.

Guest: Marly Hornik, CEO, started United Sovereign Americans (USA) after her team of volunteers in the New York Citizens Audit found massive irregularities in the voter rolls, discrepancies in the vote count, suspected illegal editing of vote records and indications of apparent algorithmic manipulation of the voter rolls. USA is a 100% nationwide volunteer organization that includes PhDs, mathematicians, programmers, election experts and devoted Americans.

The entire USA organization consists of citizen volunteers — including the CEO and Chairman of the Board — who live in various parts of the United States. We are growing rapidly due to more citizens being suspicious of election results and who want to ensure fair and legal elections. We know that complacency is our enemy, and we don’t want to sit by and watch our republic be destroyed by ignorance, arrogance, or malice.

As more County Clerk and Recorder Offices adopt the practice of computer generated automated record keeping, they become more dependent on the accuracy of computer software that has proven to be unreliable and notoriously susceptible to hacking and algorithmic manipulation by external and internal miscreants.

Furthermore, in an era where careers and lifestyles are increasingly more transient, voter rolls and county residency records are commonly decades behind.

Motor voter laws, same day registration and labeling all attempts at legitimate I.D. requirements as racist, sexist, or whatever…are opening the entire process to an unacceptable level of fraud.

This should concern all Americans regardless of political affiliation.

When our actual “LEGAL” votes no longer count, elected leadership will no longer be accountable.

Nationwide, concerned citizen groups are coming together in significant numbers, with a sense of the absolute need to restore integrity to the election process.

The magnitude of the problem was exposed in 2020 with reports of thousands of election irregularities, and amplified the unwillingness of courts to hear, or rule on legislatively mandated election laws that were intentionally ignored by election administrators in key battleground states using “pandemic” as an excuse to subvert the law.

Newly formed groups like UnitedSovereignAmericans are exposing information under FOIA laws that prove beyond a shadow of doubt just how badly managed voter rolls, record keeping, and certification criteria are in political jurisdictions all over America.

Their work has exposed the outrageous levels of State noncompliance to Legislative guidelines, and how very far outside the bounds of reasonable error most elections are certified with winners declared.

Moreover, this doesn't even begin to cover the millions of votes flipped by foreign hackers according to military forensic monitors or the multi-state ballot stuffing fraud exposed by the group Tru The Vote in Denesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules.

Did I mention the millions of votes influenced by big tech giants that invested billions into scams controlling voter behavior through search engine manipulation (SEME) and operant conditioning techniques that have been scientifically proven by Dr. Robert Epstein?

Under U.S. constitutional guidelines, the election process should be controlled by the Legislatures of each state, and administered under strict guidelines conforming to State Legislative mandates.

Governors, Administrative Judges and Election Officials have no legal authority to change or ignore Legislative mandates on Election Integrity under color of Executive Orders.

To do so is not lawful and will result in the controlled dismantling of our legislatively devised electoral system……………..and so it has!!

It is time for each state to demand a return to non-computerized voting and tabulation.

Many developed nations have already figured this out. If we wish to see a return to representative government, we need a return to the paper ballot, positive identification, and in person voting that has in the past anchored the American system of fair and open elections.

Absentee ballots must be limited to U.S Military personnel and medical emergencies that are well defined; must require verifiable IDs and provide an unbroken chain of custody.

All ballots must be counted at the precinct level with an equal number of Democrat and Republican judges participating in the hand count process.

Can this be done? Absolutely, it was the norm until the agents of change convinced Americans that computers were necessary to count votes….and we fell for the Votescam trick.

Our ever expanding Shadow Government has managed to put an end to open and fair elections in America, and have done that in plain sight with open contempt for rule of law.

Predictably, solidly red states are falling like dominos to a controlled mainstream/social media/Big Tech propaganda blitz, while our Mann/Dewey mentored education system teaches social justice instead of math, history and science….raising the next generation to be too brainwashed and politically correct to even care about elections.

We failed to see this coming or to react appropriately once we did, but it is not too late to turn the tide if we choose to do so.

The salvation of our republic and a return to open and fair elections is right there in front of our glazed eyes if we are just willing wake up and look.

WAKE UP AMERICA and return to fair, open and honest elections. Return power to the people by demanding that implementation and enforcement of all election laws be returned to State Legislatures, and that all voters be required to present valid IDs, vote in person on a paper ballot, and it must be hand counted and registered at the precinct level.

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