As we revisit the resource rich country of South Africa we begin to understand what 25 years of socialist/Marxist/communist government has done to a country that only 40 short years ago was considered one of the most modern and advanced economies in the world. Nelson Mandela was hailed by the far left as a saviour of mankind. The United Nations honored him as the most important political leader of the 20th Century. If that is true, why is the infrastructure and economy falling apart, and why is crime and murder escalating at at a rate much higher than most other countries in the civilized world? If communism is such a great idea, why has it failed every single time that it has been tried, and why do these leftist lunatics continue to press for more?

America 2019 is seeing the escalating deterioration of traditional American institutions and values by many of our elected public leaders who are promoting ideas and policies that are openly Marxist, just like Mandela's vision for South Africa. How did we stray so far away from our roots that we have allowed the destruction of our own society by these lunatics on the left.

The South African Parliament controlled by the communist ANC Party, has escalated the war on white farmers by passing legislation that openly confiscates the land of white commercial farmers with no compensation.

Many of these farmers have productively tilled the land for many generations; land that had never been settled or claimed by anyone else before their arrival. These are the same white farmers that have made South Africa agriculturally productive in unprecedented ways despite overwhelming natural obstacles.

Over the past 25 years the ANC communist government have increased their attacks on white farmers with open calls for violence. Many elected black leaders in the South African government have called for the murder of white farmers with nary a peep from the same human rights groups that scream for the rights of anyone of color. Is the South African government now the enemy of civilized society? Is South Africa the canary in the coalmine for a worldwide resurgence of communism masquerading as social justice.

Since we supposedly won the cold war the number of nations falling under the pall of communist and socialist control has nearly doubled, and we are now the number 1 trading partner of The People’s Republic of China, the largest and most powerful communist country in the world, who has also gained control of many of the natural resources of the continent of Africa by overthrowing Western style elected governments.

Why are average Americans so sheepishly following along with these destructive ideas, unwilling to stand for the values and ideas that made America the greatest beacon of freedom in the civilized world? Are we so selfish and cowardly that we allow our children and grandchildren to inherit a society much less free; a society tightly controlled with constant surveillance and absolute government control of every aspect of their lives?

WAKE UP AMERICA. We are facing the total destruction of everything we hold dear and need to look at the lessons of South Africa where communist ideologues destroy rule of law and are killing the most productive members of society. Do we need a refresher lesson on the social cancer called communism? Join us for another look at South Africa 2019 and what happens when an advanced western industrial economy falls under the control of communist thugs and anti-western tribalism.

Harry BooyensDr. Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist. He is originally from South Africa with a 360-year bloodline in that country. He has worked in Research and Development in South Africa, the United States, and Canada and has won a number of awards for his work in both Physics and in Genealogy. Harry describes himself as a semi-retired technocrat from the Hot Part of the Cold War. He applies his lifetime of research and analytical skills to History and Genealogy. His trademark as author is his combination of factual accuracy, solid evidence, and engaging writing style. Harry lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver in Canada.

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Harry will be joined by a special guest reporting live from South Africa about the deteriorating economy and the destruction of civil liberties and human rights. This special guest will tell our listeners about recent changes in the political climate that make it difficult to survive in South Africa if you are a white non-communist.

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