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The American election system is completely broken and will require massive reform if we seek a return to fair and verifiable elections.

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Guest: Joseph N. Fried, CPA attended Case Western Reserve University, graduated with an MBA, and was hired as an auditor by Ernst & Young. In 1983 he formed his own firm, from which he retired in 2021. During his 42-year career, Joe performed and supervised countless audits, and was AICPA-authorized peer reviewer for dozens of other audit firms.

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Book: Debunked?: An auditor reviews the 2020 election―and the lessons learned

The massive effort to audit the 2020 presidential and senatorial election in just one large Arizona county (Maricopa) took months and unfathomable volunteer man hours by concerned citizens, election integrity specialists, and hired election auditors.

It ultimately failed because of non-compliance and open defiance by Maricopa County and Arizona election officials to court orders and legislative requests for access to election archives for ballot /signature/chain of custody verification and for software/hardware audits of voting machines and routers.

Subsequently, it became clear that a nationwide program of CYA at any cost would attempt to stop all efforts to construct an effective audit trail in any and all of the 6 swing states that secured the election for Biden; all-the-while a fully complicit media providing the smoke screen needed to keep the multi-faceted political establishment effort from ever being fully exposed.

The coverups resulted in a big nothing-burger like many Democrats and progressive Republicans predicted; but the all-too obvious nationwide political obfuscation and election denier demonization suggested that massive voter fraud is not only possible, but probable, in ways that boggle the mind.

Just how deep do the many rabbit holes go, and how many dominos might fall if we unleash a widescale forensic audit process across America?  After 3-1/2 years of successful coverups, we can only guess.

Election fraud has been part of the voting process since the first elections were held, but that fraud was generally not very sophisticated and mostly preventable.

The advent of computerized voting and centralized tabulation made the paper ballot and precinct hand counting obsolete…..or so we were told.

In point of fact, computerized voting and tabulation opened up a whole new set of possibilities for corruption in the election process, and did it in ways that are increasingly difficult to detect.

That factored in combination with “pandemic” justified mailed ballots and same day voter registration created the perfect storm for unparalleled election fraud.

Added to the complexity of modern election manipulation were big tech/social media influence efforts combined with Zuckerbuck funding of thousands of unmonitored ballot drop boxes combined with clandestine ballot harvesting and processing centers… …….what could possibly go wrong?

It is no longer a question of whether voter fraud exists, it is now a question of how much, how often and how completely the American election process has been compromised by corrupt politicians, irresponsible courts, negligent state/local officials and entities currently in control of mainstream media and academia openly hostile to multi-party elected government.

Concerned Americans and freedom loving people around the world are seeking answers to this very troubling question: “Is America truly the last best hope for liberty in an autocratic world, or are we just the latest and largest domino to fall in the totalitarian super state known as the New World Order”?

Open, free and honest elections are the ultimate litmus test for a constitutional republican system of limited government. Without the ability to fairly elect our representatives in government we no longer possess the ability to control our own destiny.

We no longer have the ability to throw the bums out when they fail to serve Americans and our best interests.

The Maricopa County forensic Election Audit attracted concerned citizens and elected officials from over 20 states to observe the process before considering similar audits in their home states.

Despite the Maricopa whitewash that derailed a legitimate election audit, election integrity efforts are moving forward nationwide.

As significant evidence of voting irregularities are exposed, grass roots organizations of concerned citizens are coming forward to salvage election integrity, with this effort more frequently crossing party lines.

Some states are finally proposing legislation to return to paper ballots and precinct level hand counts as well as demanding a return to much stricter voter ID, limiting mail in ballots, and ending same day registration.

A Democratically controlled Congress and U.S. Senate rammed through Federal Legislation in early 2022 that might compound the level of voter fraud, and The Justice Department at the behest of the Biden Administration have done everything possible to stop all election integrity inquiries.

Under the Obiden/Harris Administration, federal government lawfare is being waged on a massive scale against anyone questioning election integrity by labeling them as “domestic terrorists”, but the genie is out of the bottle and they are playing hell trying to stuff her back in.

The more they do to destroy Donald Trump, the more popular he becomes because of his determination to survive and prevail.

Without fair and honest elections, we will no longer be a sovereign and free nation.

It is time for all good citizens to stand with those seeking answers and to demand a verifiable system of free and fair elections.

Sitting on the fence, waiting for someone to save us, is not an option. We must save ourselves!

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