We are facing another stolen election and the majority of Americans know it……so what are we going to do about it?

The fact that Hunter Biden's laptop was forensically authenticated as 100% Hunter's work and not the product of Russian dis-information as reported by the highly politicized/compromised FBI does not seem to stir the slightest interest with the downstream media.  Could it be that they are also owned and controlled by the same leftists that own and control banking, academia, big business, and big tech?

The investigative/impeachment double standard between the Trumps and the Bidens is breathtaking; even lifelong Democrats are waking up and changing affiliations……at least the ones that still have an iota of political integrity.  Recent public opinion polls show that many who voted for Biden would not have voted at all, or may even have voted for Trump had they known the truth about Hunter's laptop.

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Guests: Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at Washing Times Communities.
Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security. Ms. Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.

Because of their extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, their information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

The more we learn the more we realized how well the FBI and media coverup worked. New evidence from the laptop suggests that Hunter Biden was a well compensated go between for China and Russia in the area of energy production and consumption of fossil fuels.  After his 2021 coronation, Papa Joe Obiden cancelling the Keystone XL Pipline and ended all new drilling leases on Federal lands to hobble our energy sector's ability to respond to national emergencies.  He was even selling some of our strategic petroleum reserves to foreign countries; notably China.

Although a thorough forensic audit including financial and political transactions would have been demanded years ago if this laptop had belonged to a Trump family member, the media is doing everything possible to ignore the obvious; the Biden family are involve in corruption up to their eyeballs.  Corruption would actually be a gross understatement…….a more accurate description is outright national treason at an international level.

Meanwhile, the very partisan January 6 Commission is in full swing labeling anyone who questions the integrity of the 2020 election as a domestic terrorist while imprisoning nearly 800 patriotic Americans, many for the non-crime of peacefully showing up at the Capitol to demand transparent, open, fair and honest elections.  What used to be our national imperative is now a crime against the state.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

America, you have the responsibility to wake up, open your ears, mind and eyes to the reality of a nation perilously close to complete genocidal takeover by the enemies of humanity.  The Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy is no more.  The Democratic Party of 2022 has become the adjunct of the Communist Party U.S.A. and the World Federalists (aka New World Order) that are demanding an end to national sovereignty and melding of communism, progressive socialism, crony capitalism and fascism into a devil's soup of cradle to grave control and genocidal population reduction.

And should you think that the Establishment Republican ticket is going to save you, guess again.  If that were the case, the first 2 years that Trump was President and the Republicans owned majorities in both Houses of Congress should have resulted in wholesale change in the Administrative State, thousands of new conservative Trump appointments, and the repeal of ObamaCare.  None of these changes happened because we have a high percentage of RINOs and dishonest progressive socialist Republican office holders pretending to be conservatives; just convincingly enough to get re-elected……and it has worked time after time.

As we approach the 2022 Midterm election very little has really changed to stop the wholesale election fraud.  Cowardly Republicans are giving the progressives every opportunity to steal this one as well, and have done very little to bring election integrity back by demanding paper ballots, valid I.Ds, and hand counts at the precinct level.  This system worked very well before crooked politicians figured out how to rig the system with unlimited mail in ballots and hackable computer programs/hardware.

Valiant efforts on the part of various State Republican Parties that are not part of the RINO cabal, have led to helpful but limited reforms of a greatly expanded mail-in ballot scheme to fix elections that grew out of the Covid-19 plandemic.  The fact that illegal aliens and convicted felons are being handed the right to chose election outcomes should alarm every legal voter.  That this travesty is not being stopped dead in it's tracks should be even more alarming.

If this election does not result in a wholesale change in the direction of our country, we will have squandered the last best hope to save America from the Marxist enemies within, and it was all there on Hunter's laptop waiting to be exposed!!!!!!

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