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A weaponized government has become the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA.

The ability of average Americans to deny the obvious, and to bury their heads in the sand when reality becomes a bit too frightening, is legend.

America has been “fundamentally transformed” from lions of liberty to sheep for the fleecing by progressive politicians, bureaucratic administrators, leftist controlled media, and Marxist academics, until most folks have no idea what true freedom feels like.

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A 130 year history of false flag wars and Hegelian dialectic based transformative events have shaped our culture and, for many, have created an atmosphere of fear that borders on paranoia………..were it not for the fact that much of the mistrust is justified.

Democratic strategist, Obama staffer, and former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel said; “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is never pass up on an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Believe me, the people running things from behind the curtain are not only capitalizing on “crisis” they are staging them as a pretext for their transformative changes to our basic institutions of government.  In the past 30 years, we have lost many of our constitutionally guaranteed rights with little to no resistance; for fear of sounding unpatriotic, out of the mainstream, or unjustifiably mistrusting of the Federal government.

The recent Congressional hearings on the weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement and Justice Department Agencies against the American people is only beginning to peel back the layers of unwarranted Federal overreach.  When a sitting and former U.S. President is not safe from illegal acts by the Feds, average Americans are justified in fearing their government, but the solution is in resisting, not acquiescing and ignoring.

Our constitutional system of limited self government has been weaponized against the American people.

Our nation was founded on the concept of unalienable (God given) equal rights under the law.  Irrespective the endless propaganda from the left telling the uninformed that we are a nation founded by rich white guys to promote slavery and inequality, we are a republic not a democracy, and a nation where equal rights are guaranteed for all under a system called “rule of law”.

This system is intended to protect all citizens equally, regardless skin color, gender, religious or social status.  Although as a nation we have occasionally failed to uphold the basic guaranteed rights of all equally, it has never been the fault of our Constitution, it has been the fault of corrupt leaders and political groups choosing to ignore the “rule book”.

For the past 30+ years treasonous and openly criminal acts by the liberal leftists occupying the White House and their many accomplices within the permanent bureaucratic morass known as the administrative state have been ignored or covered up by the same FBI and Justice Department that now labels traditionalists and patriotic Americans as “right wing extremists”; newly labeled targets of political persecution.

Prior to 9/11/2001, the weaponization of law enforcement against American citizens was unthinkable; being relegated to totalitarian governments and tin pot dictatorships in banana republics.  No longer! The entire Democrat Party and the RHINO wing of the Republican Party are now showing their true colors and they are decidedly RED with a bright yellow underbelly.

The curtain is drawn back completely to expose their treasonous plan for America: complete societal destruction and eventual subjugation to the New World Order system they are convinced they can control.

The cornerstone “rule of law” framework that underpinned our whole constitutional system guaranteed protection of minority rights and justice for all; at least that was the original intent of the Constitutional Framers.  Individual rights and respect for private property were paramount, as was the recognition of political accountability and personal responsibility.

Although initially collective rights were limited to inconsequential pursuits; the 20th Century saw a major shift toward collectivism in American political thinking, financed by monopolists (power elites) like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Morgan and other crony capitalists and bankers intent on first controlling, and eventually eliminating the masses.

The Utopian visions of the left were effective tools in the hands of the power elite who found it amazingly easy to buy the political class, media, and academia; while simultaneously convincing them that they were saving humanity from the ultra-rich and spreading the wealth to the “little guy” who they always planned to eliminate as soon as they overwhelm the American Middle Class!

A weaponized government has become the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA. We must not fail to awaken and embolden the American Middle Class from their prostrate position before the inevitable butt kicking takes place.



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