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Guest: Mellisa Carone – Michigan Whistleblower

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As mountains of evidence of election fraud surfaced all over America during the 2020 Presidential Election, it became crystal clear that the political establishment and the mainstream media, not only did not want to see the evidence, they were purposefully avoiding exposure of the evidence; openly attacking any eye witness who came forward to expose the fraud.

When many hundreds of election observers came forward and gave testimony under oath, they faced death threats and intimidation and were told that they would be charged with perjury.  Through all that they stood their ground and demanded to have justice…… no avail.

The political left repeatedly denounced anyone who questioned election integrity as crackpots and as if that wasn't enough, labeled them as domestic terrorists.  The audacity of the left's feigned outrage was so incredibly one sided.  They ignored the mountain of election fraud evidence, while at the same time condoning the rioting, looting and burning of cities nationwide by groups like ANTIFA and BLM; then Senator Kamala Harris even raising funds and heaping praise on these communist groups as freedom fighters.

The left's hate speech against conservatives was so shrill and nasty that even establishment Democrats began to wonder what was making these people react in such a toxic way.  The downstream press was no less relentless in their attacks, calling anyone questioning election integrity: cranks, fools, idiots and countless other incendiary names.  Their inflammatory language was over the top, but since that was not derogatory enought to stem the outrage over an obviously fraudulent election, they began to label critics as domestic terrorists if they even hinted that the election process was in need of further investigation.

Against all odds, the whistle blowers that refused to be silenced by the downstream media and dictatorial leftist political shills, acted as America's conscience and continued to demand justice in a seemingly unjust and dangerous political environment.  Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow, just created a video called Absolute Proof that should demand judicial and legislative curiosity at the very least, but will undoubtedly be censored by the leftists in control of the mainstream media, academia, big tech and social media, who have made concerted attacks against Lindell personally by plotting to destroy his business through censorship and threats against retailers carrying his products.

That is why we must watch and share this video with everyone we know:

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This Week's Guest Profile (s)

Melissa CaroneMellisa Carone – Gave sworn testimony before a Michigan Select Legislative Committee on election irregularities.  She testified as to her first hand observations as a Dominion-trained IT contractor, giving a stunning and jaw-dropping testimony regarding election fraud that she witnessed in Michigan.  She reviewed her sworn affidavit that includes nineteen areas of concern.

Carone began by stating that her purpose was to truthfully share what she saw happening in Michigan on November 3 and 4.  She stated that ‘No women in their right mind would write an affidavit under oath just to write it.'  “We all know people who go to jail for that”.

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