When did facts and true scientific knowledge become irrelevant?  Why should we care?

A new phenomenon has taken over America and the developed world. Under this new paradigm, facts can be anything that the State declares, while actual science and truth no longer really matter.

If truth doesn't support the public narrative, the State and the powerful special interest groups that pay good money to shape public opinion and policy just redefine facts to support whatever narrative they proclaim.

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Guest: Dr. Lee Merrit (The Medical Rebel)
Guest: George Caylor

This might best be illustrated by the Covid 19 mask mandates that blanketed most American states and cities for nearly 2 years.

Although the vast majority of rigorous scientific studies have reaffirmed that masking did little, if anything, to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we continue to see masked people walking or riding around, afraid to be caught in public without one.

It's frightening to think how easily people can be conditioned to government group-think even when it makes virtually no sense whatsoever.

The results are now in; using a large dose of fear mongering and propaganda to spin a false narrative, things we thought sacred like free speech, personal choice, and rights of association can be made null and void by unelected bureaucrats and politicians alike.

And, unlike real scientists, they can change their clinical advice almost mid-sentence to fit the flavor of the day narrative to accomplish their political ends.

The whole process seems surreal to those who still have intellectual curiosity and old-fashioned common sense; something missing from most 21st Century public institutions.

Another example of government mandates surround the very experimental Covid “vaccine” program.  At the government's behest, a highly experimental application of mRNA gene therapy technology, incorrectly labeled as a vaccine, was not only made available, but surreptitiously mandated to most of the general population.

Terrified by government and media propaganda, people flocked to get their government sponsored jab with no actual knowledge of long-term effects of these experimental “vaccines”.

Any Doctors recommending well known cures like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or Chlorine Dioxide were insulted as quacks and threatened with de-certification for suggesting alternatives.

Meanwhile, the establishment Medical/Pharma Community labeled anyone questioning the efficacy of these untested “vaccines” as an “anti-vaxxer, denier and threat to public health”.

Federal “vaccine” mandates went into effect for U.S. military & emergency personnel, airline pilots, teachers, police, and countless others in the public realm.  They were forced to take this experimental treatment when ordered to at the risk of losing their jobs, with very few ways to opt out.

But, that wasn't enough to satisfy Big Pharma and their accomplices in government.  Small children were also be forced to succumb to blanket vaccination programs although their chances of dying from Covid-19 were on the same risk level as dying from a lightning strike……………almost zero.

Fast forward to 2023 and the effects of vaccine mandates are everywhere.

Life insurance actuaries are faced with triple digit increases in mortality in the 18-45 age group while mortuaries and embalmers report never before seen medical phenomenon in cadavers.

EKG standards for commercial pilots that stood for generations are now being scrapped as the medical exam failure rates of fully vaccinated pilots threatens to ground the airline industry.

Nearly 50% of American small businesses were bankrupted during the “non-essential” small business lockdowns while government selected “essential” big businesses flourished.

Picking the winners and losers in American commerce was an (un)intended consequence of government mandates and lockdowns.

Although 70% of the U.S. population may have been double, triple and even quadruple vaxxed according to reported statistical data, they keep being reinfected with every new variant of Covid, while those who went unvaccinated seem to fare no worse, and in many instances seem to do much better once they have been infected and developed natural immunity to the disease.

The factual evidence is painting a much different picture than the government/mainstream media narrative which is still promoting that everyone get fully vaccinated.

Through a series of expose's, the money trail between Big Pharma, government research grants, U.S. patents, CDC/WHO administrators, & politicians is leading to the unsettling conclusion that Covid 19 was part of a much bigger global vision for the future of humanity.

It is quite likely that we were never intended to know the true cause and effect of Covid19 or the intended purpose of experimental “vaccines” used to treat the disease.

Maybe, just maybe, we are supposed to sit down and shut up while self anointed “global leaders” like Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab thin the human herd to levels they consider “sustainable”……somewhere around a billion people. 

And, if they fail in reaching their goal this time, what's next; a much more virulent strain of Covid, a resurgent black plague, smallpox, or hemorrhagic fever epidemic? 

After all, according to these geniuses, isn't restructuring mankind necessary to save the planet?

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