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I've learned that the Lord takes care of us when we are wise enough to follow his guidance………he just opened a brand new doorway! When one door closes, he usually opens another that leads to a better place when we are wise enough to step through it.

This past weekend I started to do my weekly broadcast of Connecting the Dots on the Patriots' SoapBox livestream and I couldn't be more pleased. I have been given a spot on the Sunday Evening Lineup that allows me to Livestream my program with complete video capabilities where you can see our programs and guests in living color. That helps to move Connecting the Dots to a new level and gives our listeners a place to turn for 24/7 patriot news and programing beyond my 2 hour time slot at:

The folks at Patriots' Soapbox have been beyond supportive and helpful, so I may have finally found the ideal mix of red blooded American patriots, constitutional caretakers and scholars to carry & share my Connecting the Dots broadcast platform.

I will continue to send out my weekly announcement for upcoming programs and guests, so look for us on the internet at: and tune in on Sunday afternoons from 4-6 pm Eastern for more great Connecting the Dots guests and stimulating expose's of news not found on the downstream media. We will also continue to archive our broadcasts here on my personal website.

Please support our efforts to educate and enlighten America in the 21st Century. We are on the verge of losing our constitutional republic to the Marxist technocrats and ideologues of collectivism. The time is short to save our great nation from a disastrous finale at the hands of the enemies of liberty. Please join me every Sunday afternoon from 2 pm till 4 pm Mountain time for another journey into reality as we Connect the Dots with Dan Happel on and support our radio program thru our sponsor 7K Metals by clicking on the 7K icon on my homepage to learn more about the meaning of sound money and financial security.

Pray for our success and pray for the future of the experiment in liberty known as America!
Thanks for Caring!!

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