Have we become disenchanted from living in the Matrix?  Are we ready for something a bit closer to reality?


The shrinking American middle class is finally beginning to realize that our future as a sovereign nation is being threatened by powerful unseen forces that treat humanity as a cancer rather than a gift from God.  Our most basic constitutional rights have been cancelled to stop the threats of the “Covid virus” and “catastrophic climate change” among others in an endless list of threats; demanding submission to absolute government control of every aspect of our lives in order to “save us from ourselves”.

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Guests: G. Edward Griffin, Mike (KingDude) Church, Juliette Engel MD

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Those who refuse to stay in line or exhibit a will of their own, we are labeled as extremists and trouble makers that need to be dealt with for the “common good”.  And, sadly enough, the many useful idiot followers of the progressive leftists that now control a large percentage of what used to be proud independent Americans, are all too willing to ostracize, ridicule and turn against their own neighbors, friends and families when they refuse to accept the unacceptable and resist tyranny.

Their ability to use fear as a motivator to control human behavior reinforces the power elite's perception that they are truly meant to control the rest of us “lemmings” and cull us at their will.  The cavalier attitude and feckless performance of the Obiden Administration during the disastrous evacuation and outright surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban; and with it the thousands of American and coalition lives and trillions of dollars wasted there over the past 20 years, speaks volumes about his callousness about American sacrifice. Should we have been there in the first place?  Probably not, but those who paid the ultimate price deserved better than to watch Resident Obiden turn and run with his tail between his legs.

This same professional political jackass is now telling all legal Americans that it is their moral duty and responsibility to get vaccinated irrespective of religious beliefs, common sense and scientific evidence; while millions of illegals are welcomed without testing or vaccine requirements, often carrying Covid and more lethal diseases like tuberculosis as they are scattered throughout America like Typhoid Mary.

Obiden says his patience is wearing thin against the unvaccinated…………..well guess what China Joe, our patience is growing a lot more than thin as we are forced to watch you destroy our nation, Constitution and ability to feed our families because of your moral, mental and fiscal incompetence.  I learned long ago that nothing in government happens by accident, and even though Resident Obiden is obviously about as sharp as a marble, he is pushing the globalist agenda forward at breakneck speed for a reason.  In my opinion, the reason is to create such chaos that Americans overreact, become violent, and create an excuse for martial law and the unconstitutional disarmament of the American people.

Are we going to allow ourselves to fall into this trap, or are we going to openly refuse to mindlessly obey?  In large numbers we must just say NO and mean it.  We must learn to work together with other freedom loving people and we must be willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to stop these cowards in their tracks.  There is very little doubt that the power elite and their useful idiots represent a much smaller percentage of the population than those of us who cherish liberty and human dignity.  Is Covid just one more false flag event in a long list of false flag events that have shaped our irrational world for more than a century?  Is it a pandemic or a plandemic meant to force us into a global government technocracy controlled by the power elite and supervised by their mindless political lackeys?  Is this whole plandemic an experiment in population control or worse?

Far to many Americans have become conditioned to close their lying eyes and get in line like the sheeple that they are; willingly accepting what their masters tell them to do and mad as hell at those of us who refuse to join the conga sheeple line.

Isn't it time to quit taking those nasty blue pills that seem to fog your brain and make you confused and nauseous?  Blue pills are like blue states……….no matter how many they take, they want more and more as things just keep getting worse and worse until you wish you were dead.  About then you are ready for the “jab”.

Isn't it time to try a RED PILL and start seeing the world as it really is?  Don't you think you will feel better with a clear mind and a way to use your head for something other than a hat holder?  Come to Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6 & 7 (or live-stream) and join like minded patriots wanting to know the truth and willing to start down the rabbit hole called reality.

America, Stand up, just say NO and start a regimen of Red Pills…..one at a time!

 Wake Up America

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