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Our New Year's resolution for 2024 should be: to seek truth, demand justice, resist fear, and protect the rights of our fellow man.

A massive government propaganda campaign to identify anyone questioning vaccine mandates as conspiracy theorists has been unraveling at the seams.

Mounting evidence of intentionally under-reported vaccine injuries coupled with skyrocketing unexplained deaths among young and otherwise healthy adults, make it increasingly clear that the Covid “vaccines” may be much more deadly than the disease they were supposed to cure.

Connecting The Dots

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Guest: Major Tom Haviland USAF (ret) is a Freelance Data Analyst. Until last year, he worked as a defense contractor for 16 years after spending 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring at the rank of Major. He spent his entire career as an Electrical Engineer and Data Analyst. Haviland has a Bachelor's degree from Ohio State University in Mathematics. He also earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, and a Master's degree in Computer Resources and Information Management from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.


We were insulted and told to follow the science during the Covid 19 plandemic, but when we did, and came to totally different conclusions than the unscientific crap being fed to us by our elected leaders and the medical “experts”, we were called anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and flat earthers. As it turns out, we were right all along!

How is it that science is completely irrelevant when it proves that there is nothing but pure propaganda being fed to us by the powers that be, their talking heads throughout academia and the downstream media?

World leaders like Klaus Schwab have left a slime trail a mile wide as they openly voice their genocidal plans to depopulate the planet, yet we are the ones called conspiratorial merely for disclosing their oft repeated but under-reported quotes.

Undertakers and embalmers are coming forward in unprecedented numbers with personal observations and physical evidence of deadly blood clots and unusual latex like substances in vascular systems in a growing number of deceased recipients of Covid vaccines.

Moreover, there is a recent study from the UK that documents 4/5ths of Covid related deaths as being to people thrice vaccinated. If these vaccines are truly as safe and effective as quoted by the medical establishment, why are autopsy results of vaccine related deaths being so openly swept under the rug, while studies like the UK and German examples being ignored?

Although many Americans are coming to the informed conclusion that the mainstream media is not the friend of truth seekers, dealing with the establishment media has been a difficult challenge because of the enormous influence they continue to wield on public opinion. The news is no longer the news…… is now more likely to be propaganda supporting a political narrative than objective truth.

Despite irrefutable evidence of the extensive international planning that went into this man-caused plandemic, big pharma and the medical establishment have convinced much of the world that the mRNA inoculations were completely safe and that anyone contesting their efficacy is a conspiracy theorist.

Some government officials and academics have even called for prison sentences and re-education camps for anyone challenging the pro-vaccine narrative.

It doesn't seem to phase these boot licking useful idiots that the money to promote the pro-vaccine narrative is coming from big pharma and misinformation being peddled by their political operatives who have the most $$ to gain.

Social media and big pharma are working hand in hand with their political lackeys in the Washington District of Criminals to silence anyone questioning their authority.

Fear of dying has become the order of the day, and the establishment media has worked overtime to spread the psychological terror of a pandemic to convince the world that every living soul on the planet needs unlimited access to m/RNA vaccines……to refuse was deemed irresponsible, despite ample evidence that the long term health effects of these untested gene therapy experiments may be much more dangerous than the disease itself.

The Covid-19 plandemic was not about the disease, it was about the injections; if you refused, they intended to force you to submit, using any and all means to force their will upon you. Although the Nuremburg Code states clearly that all people have the right to refuse any inoculation they deem unsafe, public pressure and an unprecedented propaganda campaign paid for by Big Pharma, Communist China, Globalist technocrats, and taxpayer dollars was campaigned worldwide……….especially in the U.S.A.

Are we being herded like sheep into the “new world order” of lockstep obedience; through radical environmentalism, Marxism, technocracy and anti-humanism promoted by a small group of powerful men that have assumed the right to control humanity and to destroy, through any means at their disposal, those who oppose their dystopian plan to reduce the human population to fewer than 1 billion people?

As we have shown in previous podcasts, a steady diet of fear has converted a society of tough, independent, critical thinkers into a flock of mindless followers. Our Connecting the Dots podcast believes that unreasoned fear is the real virus destroying human society. Only truth and accountability will cure this terrible sickness and save humanity from enslavement by greedy and autocratic men hell-bent on destroying most of humanity; transforming the rest into automatons to serve them.

Our New Year's Resolution should be clear; stop the madness and refuse to comply when we sense that something's wrong!

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