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Many traditional Catholics have expressed concern over the non-stop liberalization of the church in ways that deny observance of the most basic tenets of traditional Catholic doctrine and dogma.

The willingness of Pope Francis to take part in discussions of a universal world religion, to promote Marxist based world government, support a Gaia (pagan) centric climate change religion, and openly court murderous communist regimes to the detriment of Catholic parishioners is ringing alarm bells throughout the church.

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Elizabeth Yore – Liz has made several trips to the
Vatican at the invitation of the Pope and Vatican officials

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Although Francis seems to represent the culmination of decades of backsliding and compromise within the church hierarchy, is it really that simple.  Is Francis a symbol of a general liberalism of the Papacy, or a more telling symbol of the sellout of Catholicism by a Satanic influence that has been deeply embedded within the church leadership for many generations?

The Illuminati and Masonic influences within the Catholic Church are currently not well know to many, but have reshaped the message and the doctrine of the Church in profound ways, the most obvious being the sanctity of the Holy Trinity and the concept of blind obedience to God under one true faith.

Defrocked Jesuit Priest Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati to destroy the influence of the Catholic Church in Europe and to insert secular humanism (an integral part of Illuminati doctrine) into European and American society as a tool to free men from God, promising that men could become God.  This hatred of the Catholic Church and it's ties to the French Crown became the battle cry of the French Revolutionary leaders and anchors much of the basic communistic theology that was becoming popular throughout the 18th and 19th Century.  The most well know adherents to this Illuminati philosophy were Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, authors of the Communist Manifesto.

In his writings, Karl Marx referred to religion as the opiate of the masses and wrote numerous tributes as well as a stage play dedicated to Satan.  Marx also openly stated that the goal of communism was the destruction of mankind.  Of the more than 100 significant essays written by Karl Marx, only 20 or so were ever made available for public consumption for a very specific reason.  Most of Marx's ideas and writings were so dark and satanic that they would completely destroy the sanctity of the populist persona projected by his useful idiot admirers.

While Karl Marx was an acknowledged satanist, the current church hierarchy appears to be oblivious to this blatant contradiction by befriending and forming alliances with communist and Marxist regimes worldwide.  Moreover, these new alliances are bitterly opposed to a traditional Biblical principles and the individual liberty/personal responsibility that is a necessary ingredient in the doctrine of personal salvation.

Marxism is not in any way compatible with Christianity……period, it is a satanic cult developed to destroy Christianity and replace it with a humanistic creed that denies God.  The fact that Pope Francis and others in the Vatican hierarchy before him were willing to embrace this satanic theology speaks volumes to the true faith of the church leaders.

Marxism and communism has a 100%failure rate as an economic humanitarian theory, yet the useful idiots of the left keep selling the same tired nonsense; perpetually wrapping it with a bright new ribbon of utopian idealism, and warm and fuzzy soundbites.  Sadly, many within the Church hierarchy appears to have bought into the lie, leading to ideological conformity that is threatening to destroy the church rather than defending its basic tenets.

Christianity is under attack around the world, nowhere is internal acceptance of secular humanism more obvious than the Francis Papacy.

Thus, the papacy, the most significant earthbound symbol of the Christian faith has become little more than a study in feckless theocratic nihilism that is threatening to destroy Christianity.

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