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Every day we experience new disclosures tying the CIA, NSA, DOD, DARPA, Justice Department and the FBI to political intrigues here at home and around the world.

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Guest: Dennis Young joined a Canadian light infantry unit shortly after high school in 1983. After basic training, he was posted to Baden Baden West Germany during the cold war where he was trained in special forces operations.
Book: A Henchman's Honor

Guest: Juliette Engel Md ~ In her remarkable book, SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick, Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives. In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program.
Books: SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick.
Angels Over Moscow: Life, Death and Human Trafficking in Russia – A Memoir. Book: Moscow Traffic: An International thriller

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Criminality is not new to spy agencies but, prior to the Church Commission in 1976, we thought it was isolated to the KGB, Mossad, and, at most, a few renegades within the CIA; not systemic throughout our federal government.

As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head down” and the stench of internalized deep state political rot is choking the economic life out of the American people.

Even worse; the world wide perception that somehow average Americans were complicit in this plot because the US dollar funded most of these globalist wars to control everything and everyone.

Central banksters at the Federal Reserve and internationally know how to play the game and profit from war no matter who wins or loses, but even more importantly, they know how to deflect blame for the needless chaos endured by everyone but themselves.

Simply stated, the many wars we have fought for the past several centuries could not happen without Central Bankers, fiat money and deficit spending.

All modern wars truly are bankers wars.

It's about time to put banksters and their feckless handpuppet politicians on the front lines of combat operations so they can experience first hand the consequences of their self-serving decisions. If they had to experience the cost in their lives instead of reaping immense personal fortunes, kinetic wars would end immediately.

I keep harping on this because: academics, the controlled media, Hollywood/TV celebrities, environmentalists, neo-cons, Marxists, crony capitalists (fascists), progressive socialists, technocrats, etc., are like putty in the hands of Central banksters.

All of these groups are encouraged to stir hatred against perceived enemies……….simultaneously being funded by the same global elites that have funded all sides of the political spectrum from time immemorial.

Average people always lose, big money always wins. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan ended after 20 long years with an estimated 1 million men, women, and children dead and maimed, $8+ trillion in added US debt, and a chaotic withdrawal leaving behind $80 billion in high tech weapons for our enemies.

What was gained for anyone outside of international banksters and those wedded to the military industrial complex? Absolutely nothing!! It did however make a mountain of money for banksters, destabalize the Middle East, recruit millions of sworn enemies, magnify international mistrust of our Intelligence Agencies, convolute our foreign policy, and question the U.S. committment to our allies.

The significant takeaway from all this; we will continue to live under despotism as long as we (s)elect idiots and thieves to lead us into hell because we are too intellectually lazy and morally bankrupt to demand accountability.

To believe the words of a mainstream media that has an unbroken history of playing the song of whoever pays the fiddler is madness. Whoever they give unbridled support steer clear, whoever they mercilessly attack pay attention and listen.

2024 promises to be a year of radical change. It is entirely up to us, the American people, to decide whether that radical change is for good or evil. We have an enormous numerical advantage over the handful of global elite who learned long ago how to manage the baser instincts of man to secure control over society. They have quite literally bankrupted the world both economically and morally with their monetary hijinks and genocidal wars for personal gain.

We must wake up and refuse to play the game; exposing their plan to the world and connecting the dots between various historical events and the unbroken string of hand picked sock puppets the power elite have maneuvered into top leadership positions worldwide.

Although many in the liberty movement are contrarians by nature, we must be wise enough to discern the difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts. Much of what I have learned over my lifetime at first seemed so far over the top that often I chose to ignore it, only to discover later that the information was not only factual but understated. Reality may be much worse than we could have ever imagined!

A quote attributed to Heinrich Himmler, “If you tell a big enough lie, often enough, people will believe it. The bigger the lie, the more likely that people will believe it; especially when repeated over and over”.

Since the Federal Reserve Act was surreptitiously passed into law on Christmas Eve in 1913 the United States has morphed from a constitutional republic to a Marxist/feudal technocracy, ceding control of our nation to a cartel of international Central Bankers that care nothing about humanity, but everything about power and their financial enrichment.

Although many citizens in our society believe they are independently wealthy and have control over their lives, the system is rigged against any but the select few. Envy, class warfare, racial strife, gender dystopia, sexual and other addictions of every type, are all being seeded throughout our culture as a tool of the mega rich to control and eventually eliminate all opposition.

A genocide of unimaginable scope is in the cards if we fail to understand the global elite and the depth of their depravity. Many more Americans are awake today than at any time in recent history, but, it's not enough to just be awake, we must be willing to stand in defiance and refuse to comply.

We must look at the world with open eyes and realize that the true enemies of humanity are those seeking absolute control over our lives.

The world is very complex, but we now stand at a time in history where limitless factual information is at our fingertips……….at least for now! We must be willing to open our minds and eyes to a reality much different than what we have been spoon fed by generations of hand picked propagandists. Moreover, we must not allow manipulation and censorship of the internet by anyone or anything, and be willing to defend liberty with our lives and sacred honor. Above all, we must seek the Lord's wisdom and help through prayer to defeat Satan and his evil spawn.