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The Loony Left are hailing the shutdown of America from the CCP originated COVID-19 pandemic as the single most important event in recent human history, claiming it will save mankind from the environmental destruction of the world caused by American industrialization and overdevelopment. It matters little to them that communist China, the originator of this deadly virus, is by far the most polluted country in the world and has no standards whatsoever on their exploitation of the environment in their own country or worldwide. The loony left always give a free pass to their communist buddies despite the horrible environmental legacy of controlled economies. That is why hypocrisy and treason matter!!

Many Americans are finally beginning to understand what is behind the Green New Deal and the worldwide implementation of Marxist programs like UN Agenda 21/2030 “sustainable development”; programs aimed squarely at the destruction of free enterprise and free market capitalism. It has never been about the environment, it is about the takeover of everyone and everything by Marxist control freaks that detest the human race and think they are so much wiser than us that they should rule the world……..and destroy 93% of the human population in the process! It matters little to them that the United States leads the world in environmental cleanup, something that can only happen with successful entrepreneurship and the profit motive. Big government technocrats and Marxists improve nothing……..except to line their own nests and play Santa with everyone else's money.

The final “culling of the herd” is being orchestrated right in front of us and cannot happen without total martial control of civil society, reduced food production, and the end of lawful self defense. This will be further facilitated with forced vaccination and subsequent microchipping programs that are being touted by progressive socialist “global citizen” billionaires and their tax exempt foundations like The Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros' Open Society Foundation to name a few. All are calling for forced vaccinations and digital identification of everyone on the planet, such as now exists in communist China under the Google created social credit system. Revelation 13:16-17 “And he made all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads. And that no one could buy or sell, save they have the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name, and that number is six hundred sixty six.”

We have watched our republic and the liberty of unalienable rights as envisioned by our Founders evaporate during the past hundred years, and we are increasingly taught through Marxist based public education and our corporate/progressive governmental masters that global government controlled by unelected technocrats is the solution to all the worlds problems. We are told that private property is an archaic idea that leads to “social injustice” and that we must be willing to give all to the common good (communism) if we are to save humanity. We are no longer supposed to have self determination for our body, soul or minds. If we don't own our bodies and our minds, we no longer own anything. Private property cannot exist under communism and we had better wake up and smell the coffee if we care at all for our posterity.

Join our guests for a look at the future of America, individual rights, private property, the ability to control our own destinies, and to live as God intended us as free people. Learn how food production and redistribution will become just one more tool for controlling society.

Debbie BacigalupiDebbie Bacigalupi –is a Californian cattle rancher who is in-demand throughout the west as an educational speaker on Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, Cap and Trade, Sustainable Development, property rights, dams and water rights, “conservation” and other related issues.

She attends many conferences including the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, COP21 and the 2015 UN Paris Climate Change Conference, COP24, Navigating the American Carbon World on Cap and Trade, the Western Governors Association Crucial Habitat Conferences, and many Fish and Wildlife meetings and hearings on the Endangered Species Act.

Ms. Bacigalupi co-produced and/or inspired timely documentaries: Blue, No Water No Farmer No Food, and Wolves in Government Clothing – all focusing on how aggressive environmental policy is harming rural America.

Discouraged by the erosion of rural America, she ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. Ms. Bacigalupi holds a BS degree in Business and a Masters in Business Administration and is a Certified Meeting Professional and Sommelier. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to free rural America and change lives through education inspired her to open her own business with Rodan+Fields ( She is Ambassador-at-Large for Technocracy.News.

Mindy Patterson – is President and Co-Founder of The Cavalry Group, LLC, a national leader in advocating for and defending the constitutional and private property rights of law-abiding animal owners and animal-related businesses.
Mindy specializes in working with animal related businesses, national animal associations, animal agriculture interests, and outdoor sportsmen, leading the charge in defending against the onslaught of anti-animal ownership ideology while challenging the infiltration of animal rights activism in government at the local, state and federal levels. Mindy’s clear messaging and expertise cuts through the animal rights propaganda, and she shares her knowledge and passion for these issues regularly on television, radio, print, and prominent internet news platforms such at Breitbart, JoeForAmerica, American Thinker, and others.
Mindy’s firm, The Cavalry Group, is engaged on multiple fronts to protect its members and their animal related businesses including the deterring of unwarranted search and seizure and ensuring due process as outlined in the Constitution. Her organization continues to challenge the national Humane Society’s (HSUS) efforts to manipulate the state referendum process, while also working closely with prominent public policy advisors to ensure that The Cavalry Group’s members’ interests are protected and served in Congress while also implementing effective strategies through public relations, campaign consulting, and other strategic services.
Mindy was the 2018 recipient of the American Agri-Women’s Veritas Award created from the group’s motto, “A Force for Truth.”

Prior to launching The Cavalry Group, Mindy was a corporate television and media producer in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ. Mindy grew up in Arcadia, CA and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in communications. Mindy lives in Oklahoma with her husband where they spend time with their horses and dogs.

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