The world has been “fundamentally transformed” during the past 27 months through fear, intimidation, and political control. Who, what & why?

The past 28 months have tested every cultural, institutional and societal norm to the limit in America and around the world.  The results are now in; using a large dose of fear mongering and propaganda to spin a narrative, things we thought sacred like free speech and rights of association can be made null and void by bureaucrats, “experts” and politicians alike.  And, unlike real science, they can change their clinical advice almost in mid sentence to fit the flavor of the day narrative needed to accomplish their political goals. The whole process seems surreal to those who still have a sense of irony, intellectual curiosity and good old fashioned common sense; something missing from most millennials indoctrinated in public education group think centers.

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Guest: Dr. Lee Merritt served 9 years as a Navy physician and surgeon before returning to Rochester, where she was the only woman to be appointed as the Louis A. Goldstein Fellow of Spinal Surgery.

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It's like a test by those in control to see just how much nonsense we will put up with.
Then, in their usually quite masterful way, they back off just when the public starts to fight back, wait patiently until society adjusts to the new norm, then resume the evolutionary process of cradle to grave control almost like it was never paused.  There is one thing that never changes about totalitarians and/or technocrats; they are infinitely patient and relentless in pursuing their ultimate objective…….total abject control of everyone and everything.

Since Big Pharma funding gained dominance of Medical Colleges all over America, curing disease has increasingly taken a back seat to masking symtoms with prescription medications.  The profit motive has transformed medicine in the same way it has transformed the rest of society.  This became even more pronounced during the Covid 19 plandemic with massive government induced financial incentives driving the process of diagnosis and treatment in ways that would not be possible in a real free market economy.

Like the saying goes “when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, and with unlimited government money providing the “hammer”, normal illnesses like heart disease, influenza and pneumonia disappeared; replaced by Covid, Covid, Covid.  Hospitals postponed normal medical procedures, turning entire Hospital complexes into Covid treatment centers.  And, since Covid is actually a very common and low mortality disease for children and most healthy adults, it became quite easy for hospitals to identify and collect $13,000 for every positive diagnosis.  Coupled with cancer and other diseases being under reported because of surgical center shutdowns, everything became the nail called Covid, irrespective of the underlying actual causes of death.

Add to this process the shutdown of entire economies and forced closures of any business deemed “non-essential” by some government bureaucrat, we were “fundamentally transformed” into a fearful and passive society of ever more dependent sheeple.  Isolation became the norm, and many a grandparent or aged nursing home resident were left to die alone without family support because of government mandates…….and, of course, they usually died from Covid 19 irrespective of their other pre-existing conditions.

Meanwhile, school age children were forced to stay home in isolation despite a Covid mortality rate in their age group somewhat less than the chances of their being hit by lightning.  Churches and neighborhood businesses were deemed non-essential while Walmart, Costco, Lowes, bars and strip clubs were allowed to stay open at the whim of some political hack.  Oh, did I mention the completely ineffective face masks and 6 foot social distancing that many sheeple are still voluntarily complying with today even when they no longer need to?

And, what about the unknowable after-effects to the 70% of Americans submitting to a messenger RNA injection of substances into their bodies that are virtually untested under traditional vaccine testing protocols?  Why were all previous standards of efficacy and safety abandoned during Covid?  Why are vaccine related deaths and injuries so purposefully underreported while deaths from the Covid disease are overreported?

Who won and who lost over the past 27 months?  Follow the money! Amazon doubled in value, Costco and other mega-stores have thrived while 40% of the small businesses that existed in America before Covid have shuttered, likely to never return.  The election process was compromised so completely that the likelihood of ever again having a legitimate election is unlikely without massive reform at the local and state level; exceedingly unlikely now that the foxes control access to the federal henhouse. The political geniuses in charge have demonized free markets and enterprise while turning the money printing presses on hyperdrive; destroying the dollar and guaranteeing a forced conversion to a cashless, one-world monetary system controlled by the same international banksters that destroyed the prior fiat systems………are we beginning to see a method to all this madness?

Moreover, are we any more knowledgable about the Covid 19 “virus” than we were 27 months ago? One thing we do know; that this “virus” has never been isolated and identified as an actual virus.  Many medical experts refuse to identify it as a virus, some claiming that it is a parasitic disease while others claim that it is anything from synthetic snake venom to cytoplasmic/electromagnetic nano particles.  For something so totally consuming and studied by the powers that be, the fact that we are still so completely in the dark about the nuances of Covid 19 should speak volumes.

It is quite likely that we were never intended to know the cause and effects of Covid19 or the “vacinnes” used to treat the disease.  Maybe, just maybe, we are supposed to sit down and shut up while power mad and greedy globalist technocrats thin the human herd to levels they consider “sustainable”…………somewhere short of a billion people.  And if they fail in reaching their goal this time, what's next; a new black plague, smallpox or hemmoragic fever?  Then of course there is the old fallback of all out nuclear war or some such military/industrial complex solution.

When are we going to take the rudder away from the lunatics steering the ship of state into the shoals of total destruction?

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