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America is under attack from forces determined to end our republic and way of life.  It's time to understand and defeat our common enemy.

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It seems as if the whole world is living in unending and rapidly escalating societal nightmare.

Many folks feel as if we are caught up in a Twilight Zone episode, with individuals and groups that claim to hate us even though we are just trying to live somewhat normal lives in a surreal “plandemic” world.  Having done little to earn their visceral hatred and contempt, we are trying to cope with forces and ideas that seem to have popped up from nowhere and are spinning completely out of control.

What is stirring so much hatred and who is behind it?  Why are average Americans being accused of creating hatred when those accusing us are obviously the ones with the anger management problems?  This whole thing doesn't make any sense unless there is something much bigger and more ominous behind this call for anarchy and racial violence…… powerful forces seeking totalitarian world government by slicing and dicing our once diverse but homogenous society into a hateful, divisive mess.

Why would any intelligent person want to destroy our unique American experiment in liberty when it created more opportunity, advancement and wealth than any other nation in history?  The American republic is not perfect, but it is so much better than anything before or since that it is certainly worthy of keeping, especially using the tool of 20/20 hindsight to make it better.  The concept of God given (unalienable) rights that were built into the American system gave us the framework to continually reform the parts that haven't worked so well……if we are wise enough to use the rulebook as intended.  No other system on earth has ever had that built in advantage; re-writing or destroying our factual history is the last thing we should do if we want positive changes that enhance individual liberty and protects those of a minority view or race.  We can only learn from factual history, not the made up history that paints an unfairly positive or negative picture of where we have been.  Tearing down statures or re-writing historical reference is not the way to build a better tomorrow.  Knowing our history and changing the parts that failed without destroying the things that work, is a sign of a rational, mature and responsible society.

Group think and mob rule are hallmarks of despotic governments that destroy free speech and individual liberty because they fear the free exchange of ideas.  Why would we want that?  Pure democracy (communism) is, and has always been, mob rule destroys the rights of individuals and hurts minorities in favor of the mob “flavor of the day” mentality that is easily controlled by despots and propagandists that understand and use mind control to silence their opposition.  That's how Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and other communist/fascist dictators managed to murder at least 100,000,000 of their own people.

A constitutional, representative republic under rule of law defines absolute truths (unalienable rights) that guarantee liberty for individuals, not groups, because it recognizes that without individual rights, there can be no collective rights.  Our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to recognize that man is fallible and created our Constitution and Bill of Rights to limit the power of government and preserve the maximum amount of liberty for individual citizens.  Is it sometimes fallible, and did slavery persist despite the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  Absolutely, but most of our Founders truly believed in individual liberty, and while they recognized that slavery as an institution was wrong and would eventually have to be dealt with…..they understood that the republic could not be formed unless that subject was pushed of into the future.  It turned out that the Civil War was that future event, and resulted in the death of 620,000 men, mostly white, in order to free the slaves.  Sadly, slavery still exists in various forms today, in societies that do not understand the rule of law that America championed as a consequence of lessons learned.

It has been said that when we take a hard look at the differences between us, there are usually many more common ideals that we share than those we don't.  One thing is for certain, most people want the freedom to live peacefully, out from under the boot of tyrants.  Although there are almost as many differing opinions and ideas about an ideal society as there are people, most want their families to live well, free from fear, and free from the control of tyrants.  Too bad that most folks haven't figured out that the tyrants are already in control of much of: academia, mainstream media, government, banking, big tech and industry.  By pitting the common man against one another, the Power Elite are culling the much hated human herd by using us a canon fodder in never ending wars against one another.

Wake up America and realize that the enemy is not us… is a small group of very powerful men who wish to dominate and control a very reduced and enslaved human population.  It's up to us to quit helping them accomplish that goal.

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Cynthia McKinney

Six Term Congresswomen Cynthia McKinneySix Term Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney – The first African-American woman from Georgia to serve in Congress.  She was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1992.  With a resume that included graduate work in international relations, McKinney’s background fit her appointment to the Armed Services and International Relations committees, where she addressed government overreach, unacceptably aggressive and wasteful foreign/military policies, unaccountable spending and numerous strongly held human rights beliefs.

The outspoken Congresswoman, who sometimes held polarizing views on key foreign policy issues, lost her re-election bid in 2002.  However, two years later, voters in her DeKalb County-centered district returned her to the House for another them, making her one of handful of Congresswomen who served nonconsecutive terms.  McKinney became known by her unconventional attire, including her trademark pair of gold tennis shoes and her Mickey Mouse watch.  Shortly after she entered the House in 1993, one reporter described McKinney as possessing “uncommon poise and a decidedly unpinstriped wardrobe.”

A member of the largest class of freshman women in congressional history, McKinney also was part of a newly elected vanguard of black Congresswomen, many from the South, who emerged from state legislatures onto the national political scene.  Here devotion to work and her courage to stand up against the traditions of the mostly male institution impressed colleagues.  “She’s not a showboat, she’s a workhorse, stands up to the old bulls, and is very strong in everything she does,” observed Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder of Colorado.

McKinney ran as the Green Party Presidential Candidate in 2008.  Cynthia McKinney was born on March 17, 1955, in Atlanta, Georgia, to Leola Chrstion Mckinney, a nurse and James Edward (Billy) McKinney, a police officer, civil rights activist, and lontime legislator in the Georgia house of representatives.

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