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President Donald J. Trump was the first President to point out that the mainstream media had sold out to assorted anti-American Marxist causes when he referred to them as FAKE NEWS……time has proven him to be correct in his description.

Two of the 5 major American Media Conglomerates that control around 85% of the mainstream media are now majority owned and controlled by Chinese investors and shell companies under directives by the Chinese Communist Party. Almost all American journalism schools are a product of 100 + years of progressive education, and Frankfurt School Marxist influence is legendary in the Ivy League campuses that produce a dis-proportionate number of journalists for the mainstream press. Quite frankly, news is no longer news, it is communist propaganda and sensationalism with a distinctly anti-American bias.

Most Americans have turned off and tuned out the mainstream media which without the support of communist front groups and slimeball Marxist donors like George Soros, would have closed their doors years ago. According to recent polls the favorability rating of mainstream media and Congress are both somewhere south of 10%, with rags like the New York Slimes declining in subscriptions at a precipitous rate, and Cable News/Broadcast Television losing viewers so fast that they frequently have lower numbers than many home shopping channels. What is filling that gap? Alternative Media.

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Guests: Jordan Hall  – The Montana Daily Gazette
Tim Ravndal – Conservative News from Montana
Jim White    – Northwest Liberty News

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To fight back against this competitive threat, the major social media giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have initiated a massive disinformation and censoring campaign against their upstart Alternative Media rivals who are blowing their doors off in viewership and subscription rates. Because these social media giants are the basic platforms for an untold number of much smaller alternative media outlets, their extensive subscriber base allows many of these giants to control such a large sector of the market that they quite literally pick and choose the winners and losers in the war of words……….and until now, they have!

Without major competitors, a handfull of social media giants have shaped not only the political dialogue, but the actual direction of our country (Presidential Elections) in ways that were heretofore unthinkable. Nearly fifty years after Nixon/Kissenger, Rockefeller (progressive) Republicans and the Mondale wing of the Democratic party normalized relations with the mass murdering Chairman Mao, communist China has become the largest economy in the world in real terms and have captured such a huge portion of our technological and manufacturing base that they can buy and sell American progressive politicians at will………exponentially accelerating the decline of American free market capitalism and our large, conservative, Middle Class.

Not only does the mainstream refuse to report real news, they ignore or obfiscate any noteworthy news that happens to expose their Marxist leanings or the weakness of their communist ideology. They misreport American pro-Christian traditional values and free market economic ideas as sexist, fascist, racist, hate speech, selfish, homophobe and greedy capitalist, while romanticising anything Marxist as desirable regardless the violence, destructiveness, impracticallity, and insanity of the cause.

Many major corporations and large social media giants have sold their allegiance to the highest bidder…….usually Communist China. These mega-corporations, mostly originating in the United States, now profess to be non-ideological and international, although they have consistently supported the most anti-American causes and Marxist viewpoints as they develop new markets and exploit cheap labor in communist and socialist countries around the globe.

Marxism is a dismally failed economic and moral experiment that seems to advance and grow in support regardless the consistent failure rates as education levels decline and dependence on government handouts increase. Without an educated and informed public, Marxism will flourish. A controlled Social and Mainstream Media looms large in the takeover of America. We must not allow this “fundamental transformation” to take place. Taking back our media is absolutely essential if we are to stop the FAKE NEWS media that suckles the denizen of the D.C. SWAMP at the behest of their communist overlords.

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Jordan HallJordan Hall – has been credentialed with the Montana Newspaper Association, writing as a freelance reporter for the Round-Up Newspaper, based in Richland County, Montana. Hall’s has been quoted or cited in the New York Times, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the UK Daily Mail, the London Telegraph, the Today Show, Maxim, as well as in Christian publications like the Christian Post, Baptist News Global, and the Christian Research Network.
The Montana Daily Gazette was founded after negative press coverage in the Sidney Herald characterized a successful and peaceful town hall meeting addressing the Sanctuary Movement as “though a militia were forming.” Incensed at their biased coverage, which included an assertion from the editor that “no one is trying to take your guns away” while expressing a pro-choice point-of-view, Hall believed that it was time to use his publishing experience to give a voice to alternative media in the Big Sky State. And so, he founded the Montana Daily Gazette to give traditional values a voice and to commandeer the online news market away from mainstream media which, more times than not, advocates for progressive policies and political candidates.
The Montana Daily Gazette promises to shoot straight, get facts right, and always tell the truth, even when it is uncomfortable to do so. Facts, citations, and primary sources are always linked for the reader’s further research.
“Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops (Luke 12:3, KJV).”

Tim RavndalTim Ravndal – born and raised in Anaconda where environmentalism and government kicked the mining industry in the teeth. Been engaged in government actions against the people since 1972 where I took on Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks at 14 years old. Past founding member and activist with Montana Multiple Use Association where fighting for property rights and natural resource management was my passion. I decided in the early 1990’s that fighting the tyranny and system from the outside was not working and began engaging in the political battlefield. Worked for getting coordination with local government in natural resource planning effected here in Montana and still do. Worked hard to network the teaparty movement here in Montana where we needed to stand united against tyranny. I decided to further engage and ran for county commissioner seat in Broadwater County and later attempted to secure a seat in the Montana Legislature for the people of Montana. I am now engaged in giving the citizens of Montana an opportunity to hear the truth through Conservative News From Montana. This business is getting started and will be networking with other conservative news outlets providing the news here in Montana.
Tim Ravndal, Owner/Publisher
PO Box 287
Townsend Montana 59644

Jim White – founded and has been the editor of Northwest Liberty News since 2013. The fledgling news program got a tremendous shot in the arm after it was first formed when Oath Keepers hired Jim to travel with them to Nevada for the “Battle of Bunkerville” with Cliven Bundy and his family. During that trip, Jim met Jason Van Tatenhove who had a show on Revolution Radio. Jim and Jason hit it off and decided to launch The Liberty Brothers Radio Show on the Revolution Radio Network, where they broadcast together for over a year.
Currently, Jim is the editor of Montana Daily Gazette and the host of the companion Montana Gazette Radio Show. Jim Lives in Kalispell, Montana with his wonderful wife of 20+ years and his 2 beautiful daughters.


Disclaimer: Views expressed by our guests are not to be considered as endorsed by Dan Happel, producers, sponsors and The Patriot Soapbox Network. We strive to make all information truthful and informative to our listeners, but do not suppress the right of our guests to express views that may not be in conformity with mainstream opinion.  We urge our listeners to check out the information for themselves to discern the truth.