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Globalism, Satanism and radical environmentalism share the same belief that there is no God, but that man can become God.

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Guest: Dr. Lee Merritt

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The true history of Globalism goes back to the book of Genesis and the creation story. Globalism might best be described as Satan's plan to replace God's creation by exploiting man's evil nature, enormous ego, corruptibility, and desire to become God.

We were created in God's image to be free, but we were also meant to be responsible and discerning in our actions; always recognizing that our rights and duties came from God.

This concept was codified in our Declaration of Independence and made central to the American system of limited self government envisioned by the Founders with unalienable (God given) rights; the Ten Commandments and natural law being central to our completely unique system of government.

The ensuing two and a half centuries have seen continual attacks on the concept of unalienable rights as our political class gradually succumbed to their baser instincts and to the interests of their powerful puppetmasters in international banking and corporate finance.

Individualism and personal property were on the chopping block, as collectivism and groupthink became the new norm. All things Christian and Godly have become disposable in the 2023 world of social justice and tolerance to ideas so foreign and perverse that they can best be described as Satanic.

What happened?

Marxism and Globalism happened! Elite globalists recognized long ago that they could not achieve dominion over mankind without collectivist useful idiots and atheists willing to share their belief that God is dead.

To control humanity, they must control the narrative; which meant that mainstream media, academia, business, finance, government, and social institutions must be co-opted, coerced, purchased or otherwise dominated by slight of hand.

Our 21st century world is much different than any other time in human history. Technology has changed the physical world in ways that shape our emotional world and human perception. We have been led to believe that mankind if left uncontrolled will destroy itself and the entire planet. But, unlike the Biblical perspective of man's requirement of personal responsibility and stewardship of God's creation, the godless world of the New World Order perverts personal responsibility; handing control of the physical environment to experts and paid technocrats.

We are assured that if and when we give “experts” complete control of our world; Utopia can be achieved. Nothing in reality matches the Utopian propaganda of the left……… Nothing!! Their control of media and acadamia is so total that anyone not born with natural curiosity and a desire to look outside of the mainstream's very narrow Utopian box is not likely to experience anything but leftist tripe their entire lives.

Since many non-Christian people want to believe that they are caring and open minded folks that always cheer for the underdog, they accept the swill taught to them by artfully prepared Marxist educators who claim to stand for “the little guys”, even when it is demonstrably untrue. For many years Frankfurt School trained Marxists were limited to being Ivy League university professors, but with the melding of U.S. and Soviet Public K-12 Education models in the 1980s under the careful tutelage of UNESCO, Marxism became a staple doctrine at all levels of American education.

And where does the funding come from for all these Marxist experiments in our schools and society? Why, from you of course; if not directly through taxation, it comes from the Tax Exempt Foundations and UN sanctioned NGOs that control our world with their unrecognized influence and unlimited money.

And now that they have nearly bankrupted the entire free world, it is time to reap the rewards and end all rights to private property, privacy, free speech and Christianity. Tell me that wasn't a well thought out, long term, Satanic plan! And guess what? At the very top of the heap of global, Utopian socialist/ Marxist control sits a handful of indescribably wealthy families that will destroy the useful idiots, high IQ nitwits and Libtard Savant Marxists that they have sponsored to bring America down!

When you stand back and look at the big picture envisioned by the Power Elite, it leaves little room for a warm and fuzzy anything. The world they have worked so hard to create, will be a world of greatly reduced population, transhuman (part man/part machine) creatures created in their image, not God's, and controlled by the handful of Power Elite willing to kneel at the foot of Satan.

Globalism and environmentalism are inextricably linked to the belief that man can become God. To understand the history of globalism is to step back in time and explore the roots of paganism, totalitarianism, and a world controlled by an elite few that always claim to know what's best for mankind. It's best we understand the real enemies of mankind and expose their Satanic roots.

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