is it really a matter of national survival?

The issue of border security and illegal immigration is one of the defining issues that separate the progressive socialists on one hand and traditional conservative Americans on the other.

Should we dissolve all national borders and allow unlimited immigration by third world countries, knowing that it will ultimately destroy our Judeo/Christian culture and the rule of law that is a signature product of our Western European heritage.

Should we allow the end to national sovereignty and welcome with open arms the globalist vision of world hegemony under a Marxist/socialist rabble of regionally appointed governments controlled by the U.N.?

Are we willing to accept political and social dictates by groups hell bent on destroying our way of life and replacing it with total personal control and subordination under collectivism…..or worse yet, Sharia Law.

Join Dan Happel and his guests Chuck Floyd and Bruce J. Moran.   Two of the very best border security experts in the field.

Hear how President Trump is trying to follow through on his campaign promises to drag America back from the collectivist abyss, and how the progressive left is pulling out all the stops to prevent the reaffirmation of national sovereignty.

Chuck Floyd is a senior executive with an MBA and a Masters degree in Logistics, with over 25 years of experience driving strategy, business development, market penetration, regulatory compliance, acquisitions, program management, and joint ventures with industry and the U.S. Departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, Justice, Veteran Affairs, and the U.S. Congress. He is also adept at managing domestic and international teams, collaborating with business, government and other stakeholders, and leading large-scale programs from planning to completion. His extensive expertise includes strategic planning, business development & capture, marketing, program management, security, spiral & agile development, Six Sigma and ISO process improvements, P&L, supply chain and operations management. He has experience writing legislation and managing government relation programs.

Chuck has traveled to over 50 countries around the world and has coordinated contracts, policy, and agreements with foreign government officials. He also has experience building, managing, and motivating high-performing teams that exceed expectations and company objectives.

Bruce J. Moran is a senior National Security Advisor who focuses on strategic planning for National Security issues. As a consultant, he works with public officials, U.S. Government committees, departments, agencies, think tanks, and corporations. He works on special national security projects and defines clear ″hands on″ working solutions for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Readiness scenarios. He has in-depth experience in foreign policy, security operations & Hi-Tech systems (connectivity, interoperability, and interfacing) such as SMART* Fusion protocols and applications.

He consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House Committee On Foreign Affairs, Joint Economic Committee, Senate/House Committees on Banking/Finance, Senate Permanent Committee On investigations and the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.

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