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Few Americans know the importance of Natural Law and Common Law in the legal system that was the foundation of American exceptionalism brought forth by the Founding Fathers. The Founders were deeply religious and visionary men that understood the critical differences between natural (God given) law and the administrative (Justinian) law produced by monarchs, lawyers and bureaucrats.

The Founders were extraordinary men educated in the classical liberal tradition with an amazing grasp of philosophies and ideas so revolutionary that they were known, but had never really been tried before……certainly not to forge a nation. As Christian men, they knew that a legal system based on God given or unalienable rights would be the only way that justice could be maintained in a clear and consistent way, guaranteeing equal justice for all. This simple but revolutionary concept is at the heart of our Declaration of Independence and later contained into the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution and original Bill of Rights.

Those who say that a Christian God and the Ten Commandments had no significant part in the founding of our nation have a very poor understanding of history and are missing some of the most important discussions and concepts that led to the formation of a true constitutional republic. By cherry picking facts and glossing over significant writings and philosophical treatises by the founders, they have turned our system of government from constitutional republic, to constitutional democracy, to socialist democracy and perilously close to a Marxist technocracy.

Do we still possess leaders of wisdom and principle willing to return this experiment in liberty to the average people that want nothing more than freedom and the opportunity to make a better life for their families?

Join us for a very clear outline of the history and facts that support the Excellence of the Common Law that is at the heart of our system of law and justice.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic.

Brent Allan Winters
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Brent Allan Winters is an American geologist, common lawyer, author, teacher, and radio commenter. Brent grew up on a farm north of Moonshine, Illinois. He served as a diver in U.S. Navy Mobile Diving Unit 1 and aboard carrier USS Coral Sea.; He has worked as a geologist and mine operator, and ran for U.S. Congress. Brent has briefed cases in the United States Supreme Court, argued before the jury and appellate courts (both State and Federal), and has represented clients in foreign countries.

Our common-law way of life and thought,” says Brent, “is not only the lifeblood and backbone of our U.S. Declaration of '76 and Constitution, but is also the object of our zeal that delivered our country to nationhood and remains the fellowship that defines Americans to the world. Brent's website is The Common

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