This week we will be revisiting the “fundamental transformation” of America’s electrical energy infrastructure with the stated goal of ending coal fired electrical generation by the Obama Administration and his expressed intent to replace it with much less reliable and more costly ”green” alternatives such as wind and solar. We will also discuss the significant reduction of hydroelectric power generation through nationwide dam destruction and removal efforts promoted by Big Green environmental groups lobbying Congress and Administrative Agencies with the stated purpose of restoring all streams and rivers in America to their pre-Columbian natural state, despite overwhelming evidence that supports hydroelectric as the most cost effective and reliable source for clean energy in existence.

America has historically had the cleanest and most reliable power generation in the world. Legitimate science has proven that anthropogenic (man caused) CO2 accounts for much less than one percent of all sources for CO2 worldwide, most sources being natural and beyond man’s control. China, India, and third world sources of pollution are virtually uncontrolled, and the cost to average Americans of radically reducing or eliminating anthropogenic greenhouse gasses would be exorbitant and accomplish absolutely nothing but the destruction of the middle class.

President Donald Trump has been working diligently to rescind many of the repressive regulations and agency rules that were causing American electrical rates to “necessarily skyrocket” as promised by former President Barak Hussein Obama. The resurgence of American industry and the economy are necessary for us to survive as a free and constitutional republic, and that is only possible with clean, affordable, reliable electrical energy.

What ideology and who are the actors behind this radical effort to re-wild America and reshape our electrical grid with no concern for the wellbeing of ratepayers. Hear from a leading national expert on the meaning of “big green” and the groups promoting the “fundamental transformation” of America as he shares information with two candidates for the Montana Public Service Commission intent on providing cost effective, clean and reliable energy for Montana’s ratepayers. You may never look at the Big Green Money Machine in the same way again. Join us for an eye-opening expose’ of the real enemies to a resurgent American economy under President Trump.

Ron Arnold has written more than 300 magazine articles, numerous book chapters, and is the author of ten books and editor of twelve books. He founded his own photojournalism company, Northwoods Studio, in 1971, freelancing for outdoor and natural resource industry magazines, where be became known as a friend of loggers, miners, oilmen, ranchers and others whose lives were impacted by environmentalist activism. Between 1976 and 1981, Arnold was a contributing editor of Western Conservation Journal and Logging Management Journal, where his 1979 magazine series, “The Environmental Battle”, won the American Business Press 1980 Editorial Achievement Award.

In 1981, Arnold was commissioned to write the authorized biography of President Ronald Reagan's Interior Secretary, James G. Watt. His growing political expertise brought an invitation to direct the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in 1984, where he remains Executive Vice President.In 1988 he founded the Wise Use Movement to advocate for property rights and resource workers.

Ron's “Undue Influence” spurred a congressional hearing, which resulted in a House Committee investigation of environmental group unethical activity. He is listed in Who's Who in America, and currently writes political columns for several news outlets.

Ron's extended bio and other Books on Amazon-click here

Brad Johnson, born in Lake Forest, Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois (Class of 1976) before moving to Montana in 1980. He owned an auto parts store and worked for RightNow Technologies in Bozeman. He also served as a district representative for Congressman Ron Marlenee and worked as an agricultural extension agent.

Brad Johnson challenged Democratic Congressman Pat Williams in 1990 and ran for the Republican nomination for United States Senate in 2002 before he was elected Secretary of State of Montana in 2004, defeating Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy. He narrowly lost reelection to Linda McCulloch in 2008. He ran for Secretary of State in 2012, but again lost to McCulloch.
Johnson was elected Public Service Commissioner for District 5 in 2014, defeating Democrat Galen Hollenbaugh, and was chosen to be chairman of the commission by his colleagues.[2] He announced his candidacy for Governor of Montana in the 2016 election, but withdrew from the race in January citing fundraising concerns and commitment to his duties on the Public Service Commission.

Johnson is known for his common sense and fiscally approach to complex issues and is highly respected by his peers for thoughtful and well informed decisions.

Randal Pinocci is the Republican candidate for Public Service Commission District 1 in North Central and Eastern Montana. Pinocci is married with 3 daughters, lives in Sun River and works as a property manager throughout Cascade County. He previously served as a State Legislator for House District 19, served as Statewide Director for Senator Conrad Burns, worked as a Statewide Coordinator for candidates for Governor, US Senate, and US Congress and is very active in State GOP politics.

Randal worked side by side with NRA Director Charlton Hesston and State Republican Chair Ken Miller to establish the first Second Amendment Committee in the US, and is a Board Member actively involved with the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the most proactive 2nd amendment support organization in America.

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