Social Emotional Learning and Transformational Education are Marxist programs meant to transition American education into communism.

Cancel culture is alive and well in 2023 in our entire society, but nowhere is it more damaging than in our K-12 schools. A Frankfurt School/Marxist program called “transformational education” has been woven into the fabric of American K-12 public education and has metastasized into private Christian school curriculums.

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Although this plan has been in play for 90+ years, the communist infiltration of our schools was so subtle at first that the effects are only now being fully realized by awakened and concerned parents.

Social Emotional Learning, WOKE racial profiling, training students as social/environmental activists have replaced classical liberal education and our children are paying the price. In 60 years, the U.S. has fallen from the best educated to one of the worst educated student populations in the developed world.

Our scholastic test scores are in free-fall, with nearly 50% of inner city High School graduates considered “functionally illiterate” despite record spending. If that isn't bad enough, many private Christian Schools are jumping on board in the naive belief that government bureaucrats and Marxist trained Teachers Unions want only the best for our children.  WRONG!


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