Dawn of Global Government
Cattle windmill

UN-Natural Hardships of Western Ranching Families

…especially leaseholders with grazing rights on public lands Having a ranch bordering public lands, and maintaining a grazing lease on public lands, have become an...

The Panic in Marxist Utopia

…the lights are on and the roaches are scurrying The realization by the voters of the developed countries to the true purpose of globalism/radical environmentalism...

What Green Really Means

how foundation money funds the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Under the Constitution there were to be 3 branches of government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) that...

The Death of Lavoy Finicum

political assassination or justifiable homicide? The tragic death of Robert (Lavoy) Finicum during a law enforcement stop and shooting incident near Burns, Oregon has escaped...

The Trial of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupiers

an inside look at the events surrounding the occupation There is very little known about the evidence presented at the trial of the Malheur Wildlife...

Green is the new Red & Americans are to Yellow to say NO

The radical left is training our kids for treason in our social, political and academic institutions. Environmental Education is being used to politically indoctrinate America's...

Human Exceptionalism and Animal Rights

...are humans just another predatory animal species? Since Charles Darwin, popular progressive scientists  have held that humans are no more important than any other animal...

The Public Land Debate

truth and unintended consequences. The debate over the transfer of federal public lands to the states is not new,  is at the center of the...


defining the enemies of American liberty The events that led up to the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the questionable circumstances surrounding...

REWILDING AND MEGA CITIES …Kiss rural America Goodbye

Through a process of government regulation and control for  "the common good", private property as established by our founders as a fundamental right and...
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